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  • So, after much thought and consideration, I think I'm going to play as Lilith.  She's the fastest of the group and can turn invisible-two traits that will be highly useful.  I didn't want to be the tank because why do you need strength when you have guns?  I didn't want to be the hunter because I don't really want to snipe people.  The soldier looks kind of cool but I think Lilith will be better.  What are you guys going to play as?  We can also talk about any other aspect of the game.  I'm really excited for this one though.

  • If I get the game, I will play as the hunter. He snipes, which I like, and he has a freakin' alien bird that mauls people. What's not to like? Anyways, I will probably get this if the reviews are good, but I'm getting a little burned out on shooter's for the moment. What are you playing on, 360 or PS3?

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  • I really am excited about this. Yeah it's a shooter but there's a lot of stuff that looks pretty different from most shooters. I've got it pre-ordered so it's a day one for me.

  • This game looks amazing, I'm currently trying to work my budget so I can buy it day one, and I can't decide between the hunter and the soldier

  • I'm definitely sold on the Hunter. I've never really been one for sniping in games, but he looks so cool.

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  • I was thinking about playin as the chick or the dude with the shield turret.  Can't wait for this game, just a couple more weeks!

  • Havent followed it all that close, just know the basics, but thats still enough to make it a day one purchase.

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  • I'm leaning towards Mordecai (the Hunter), but I think Lilith (the Siren) is worth a test, the phase walking sounds like it'll be rather cool and she gets a lot of bonuses with the elemental guns.

  • I'm thinking either Lilith or Mordecai, but probably Lilith. I've been following this thing long before the art change, and it was still amazing. Though I don't like how Lilith has gone with the super cleavage thing, I liked the first rendering of her. Oh well.

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  • After much thought, I think I'm going with a Soldier-Medic build. But, Lilith sounds super rad and will probably be a secondary character. Have you guys checked out the skill calculator? I wrote up a blog post about it earlier today.

  • I'm also looking forward to Mordecai. When they added the whole "alien technology" or magic, it actually threw me off. I was expecting something a little more like Fallout 3 with just a more massive weapon selection. Playing as Lilith would kind of ruin it for me. I really do like the combination of RPG and Shooters, and I believe Fallout 3 did an amazing job at doing that,  just adding magic to it like that kind of takes me out of the element.

  • Blade, I'm playing the Soldier.  Dibs.

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  • I'm getting it. looks really good. Im kind of upset it isnt getting the hype that it deserves.

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  • Definitely the Tank to start off with.....going to have to deal with the most damage done too being up close holding aggro beating the crap out of things with my fists (Assuming it plays like other MMOs).  Like most MMOs im going to love it.

  • I have it for 360.  I'm sure we'll get a lot of games going when it comes out.  I am really going to try to get it day one but money is really tight right now.  I did just come into $80 from stocks I forgot I had.  So, as it gets closer, I'll be sure to let everyone know.

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