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5th games I play next pt. 1-5

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  • Bioshock.  I like the first one slightly more than infinite.  Both great.


    Uncharted 2.  Easily one of the best PS3 exclusives ever and more fun than 3.

    Mass Effect 2.

    Borderlands 2.  Both AWESOME games.  1 was great and 2 improved on basically everything.  My GOTY for 2012.

    Max Payne 3.

    The Walking Dead.

    Spec Ops: The Line.  Story everyone should play through once, especially if you are a shooter fan because it has an interesting plotline geared towards / against those folks.  Zero replay value though.

    GOW 3.  Unarguably better of the two.  I don't think anyone would disagree.

    Darksiders 2.  Unexpected hit of 2012.  I liked it A LOT more than 1 which was by no means bad.

    Sleeping Dogs.


    Killzone 3.  Has far superior singleplayer.

    Bad Company 2.  This is the best competitive multiplayer shooter of this current generation.  I have certainly played it most out of any game this gen.  You will get 3-400 hours out of this game easy if not a lot more.  I still play it frequently and it is 3.5 years old.

    XCOM.  Unexpectedly great addictive game.

    Batman Arkham City.  Prob best licensed character game ever.


    ***Game not on your list that I highly recommend also - Dead Island Riptide***

  • Last Friday, I had 32 games to vote from. Now, were in the sweet 16. Whoever goes on, will be in the elite 8. Remember, you can also head over to blogs if you want to vote twice. So lets get to it. Here are your choices.

    Bioshock vs. Red dead redemption

    Uncharted 2 vs. Mass effect 2

    Borderlands 2 vs. Max Payne 3

    The walking dead vs. Tomb Raider

    God of war 3 vs. Darksiders 2

    Sleeping dogs vs. Assassins creed 3

    Killzone 3 vs. Battlefield Bad company 2

    XCOM Enemy unknown vs. Batman Arkham city

    Well, those are your choices. Like to thank everyone who voted the first round, and everyone who votes here. Like I said earlier, of you really want your votes to worth twice as much, you can head on over to blog.  Round 3 or the elite 8 will be up Tuesday. Thanks agin and see you then.

  • Bioshock - Tough choice, but the style and execution of the 1st Bioshock are so crazy, it shouldn't be missed by anyone.  Milestone in FPS gaming, and gaming in general as an undeniable art form.  Fair warning, this game is noticeably better on PC.  It has been good enough to warrant me multiple playthroughs on multiple game systems.

    Uncharted 2 - Also tough, but U2 is quite possibly the best PS3 exclusive.  Best game of the U series both single and multi.  Only game in the series I have played more than once through.

    Borderlands 2 - 2012 GOTY and you already played MP3.

    The Walking Dead - Only video game that has ever made me sob.  LOL and I am an adult.  This is a very sad game.  Pretty amazing how attached you get to the characters with such simplistic graphic novel style art.  Also, I have not played Tomb Raider yet.

    GOW3.  Personally, I am not a huge GOW fan, but 3 is better than Ascension, and worth playing as it is a standout for an exclusive.  The graphics were far ahead of their time at release.  Zero replay value.

    Sleeping Dogs.  Again both this and AC3.  1 time playthrough and that's it.  Zero replay value.

    Battlefield Bad Company 2 - My favorite non exclusive multiplayer this gen.  IF you seriously have not played this just do it.  Singleplayer is OK but did not in any way warrant the development of this masterpiece much less a $60 pricepoint.  MP is untouchable in this current gen, and is so well done they could have shipped it with no SP and I don't think anyone would have even complained.  In my opinion it is the 3rd best Battlefield game ever made behind 2 and 2142.  Leaps and bounds better than 3.

    Batman Arkham City.  Very good game but I never had desire to play it again after beating it.

  • Bioshock

    Red dead redemption

    Uncharted 2  

    Mass effect 2

     Borderlands 2

    Far cry 3  

     The walking dead

    Tomb Raider  

     God of war 3

    . Darksiders 2

     Saint rows the third

    Assassin's creed 3  

    . Battlefield 3

    Black ops 2 vs. Bad company 2 - neither

    XCOM enemy unknown  

    Batman Arkham city

  •  We are getting closer to the finale. Closer to see who wins it all. First we need to see who goes on to the final fours in are semi finals. Lets see who will go on. Remember you can head to blogs to vote twice. Here are your choices:

    Red dead redemption vs. Uncharted 2

    Max Payne 3 vs. The walking dead

    God of war 3 vs. sleeping dogs

    Battlefield Bad company 2 vs. Batman Arkham city

    There they are.  Remember you can vote I. Blogs for your vote to count twice as much. The semi finals will be up Thursday. Thanks again to all voters and see you then.

  • Uncharted 2

    The Walking Dead

    God of War 3

    Batman: Arkham CIty

  • Uncharted 2

    The Walking Dead


    Bad Company 2

  • Were back once again, seeing who goes on. Now, we are seeing who you guys decide to go on to the championship. We have are final 4, but who will go on top? Who will advance to the championship? Remember you can head over to my blog and vote twice if you want. Here's your choices

    Uncharted 2 vs. The walking dead

    God of war 3 vs. Batman Arkham city

    There they are. The championship will be up Saturday sometime, and the winner will be up Wednesday morning or Thursday evening. Thanks again to all voters. You've made this again successful. You can vote twice in my blog if you want. Well that's it. Please vote if you want, and see you Saturday in the championship.

  • Uncharted 2


  • We started with 32 great games, and now we only have 2. Uncharted 2 Among theives and Batman Arkham city. Who wil win? Will uncharted finally when in the finals, after losing in 2 other ones before, or will new comer Batman Arkham city hand uncharted 2 its 3rd finals lost. You decide. Here is the championship contestants:

    Uncharted 2: Among theives vs. Batman Arkham city

    I would like to say thanks to the voters. You all make this a fun, exciting competition that I'm happy you helped created. It really was fun. Remember you can vote twice in forums if you want your game to go all the way. The winner will be on my homepage, and in here probably on Tuesday. Who will win? Thanks again voters, and see you Tuesday with the winner.

  • Voting is closed. The winner is Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Thanks again all voters, and see you next time.

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