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New Gen Consoles Finds Footing?

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  • I have always personally been a little one sided when it comes to my gaming platforms, and this current gen of systems is no exception. For a while now I've been skeptical for pretty legitimate reasons why I kinda thinking that the console war in general has fallen to a point of issue with all the technical faults with the console themselves. Early on these new gen dudes did have some block busters but most of them nowadays are unsung heroes at this point like Halo 3 and Assassin's Creed, games that have sort of fallen on deaf ear and this is where I come to my point. Up to now I believe that the console rivalry has yet to start but with the constant barrage of exclusives hitting home here in the us for each system I think we can find legitimate reasons to defend our reasonings to put some consoles on hold in order to get another. All three systems have had some significant price drops and these games are getting more gorgeous trailer after trailer, Each company has moved past all the set backs and are in full force to push out some games that are nothing short of amazing like Nier, Metal Gear Rising, Shenmue 3!?(I can only wish), Final Fantasy 13, Golden Sun 3, and the list goes on from there. As a general consumer, I finally feel that old school excitement for the systems I had back in the days when Nintendo's SNES and Sega's Genesis were duking it out. I am merely one opinion of course and I'd be thrilled to hear about your thoughts about the future of these 3 tryants. Im on the fence between All three systems personally until I get my hands on these upcoming 2010 releases.



  • Halo 3 has far from fallen of deaf ears, and the same could be said for Assassins Creed.

    And I know what you're saying. I think it comes from the PS3 really shining this year and this holiday. It feels like the first time it's really stuck out.

  • I didn't mean it the way it came off, personally I just thing they are less exciting with us being on the eve of such amazing games, and yeah it seems like the PS3 is getting the blunt of the titles and its about time.

  • Well, last year was good, this year was better, next year will be better (in terms of game releases). All the consoles have, essentially, figured their sh*** out. (sorry for the language).

    Micrsosoft has drastically reduced the red rig, and lowered their price.

    Sony has finally lowered their price, though they've taken out their backwards compat. Though, they are releasing final fantasy, so it makes up for it in a lot of peoples eyes.

    The Wii has had a decent stream of hardcore games coming out.

    So we've really seen a great showing from all competitors this year. I'm almost thinking it's high time they leak info about one of these console's successors, because things are good.

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