The Inaugural Game Informer Show – the first in a weekly series – kicks off with a freewheeling discussion of the recent Tokyo Game Show. Hosted by Game Informer senior editor Matt Helgeson, the GI crew that traveled all the way to Japan dish the dirt on the annual game convention. Hear first hand about the show, the announcements, and the best and worst of the games from the people that were there. Later, we talk with GI editors Reiner, Jeff Marchiafava, and Ben Reeves about Halo 3: ODST, to see how the game is holding up since its release. Finally, we’ll get hands-on impressions of Sony PSP Go.

The Game Informer Show will be posted every Thursday, at 6PM CST. So see you again next week.




So, what did you guys think of the show?

I really liked it. The sound was great and the discussions were good. I did think it was crazy that they all were pretty down on Halo 3: ODST. I really liked the single player. I thought that making you an ODST was a great change from Master Chief. They complained that there were not enough enemies, but it seemed like a large part of the point of the game was that there were moments of calm followed by moments of chaos... Still, I decided a while ago to feel how I feel about a game and not get upset by scores or what other people think.

With's Listen Up bead in the water until they can regroup from Garnett Lee Leaving, it is really nice to have GI step up and make a show of their own.

I will definitely be back for the next week, but they need to get on iTues stat!