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Zombie games.

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  • I'm kind of ranting, but whatever. It just makes me so mad hearing everyone saying that there's too much zombie stuff going on. With games and movies. But I don't get it at all. I don't see it. There's rarely anything zombies and I say the more the better. There's very few zombie games out there. Compared to everything else.  Everyone seems to make it sound like there are nothing but zombie *** and that the whole world is on a big *** zombie craze. Can someone please tell me how there are too many zombie games? Every day I'm constantly wishing for more!

  • im with you, i could always use more zombie action in my life. left for dead is the only zombie game i really like. i played dead rising a bit, but its hard to get into that game when everything you have to do is timed, and from what i hear it only gets worse in DR2. now the zombie island dlc in borderlands and the nazi zombies in waw were a lot of fun, because it was all about just shootin some *** zombies.

  • Where did you hear that DR 2 was worse have you played case 0? They fixed up everything from the first yes it is still timed but its a longer time limit.

  • i just dont do timed games. it might be 10 times the amount of time you actually need to do something, but just that fact that its timed bothers me to the point i cant enjoy it. i know its weird, but i just dont like it.

  • @Boogieman29

    Yeah, man. We definitely need more zombie games. I never heard about the zombie dlc for borderlands, but I'll have to check it out. And I love l4d, but have a ps3 :/ And Dead Rising is cool, but it looks really repetitive. I just want some more fps zombie games, or some realistic zombie games, like as if it were to happen in real life. I'm so hoping Black Ops has new zombie content. Because cod:waw I think is the most addicting and fun zombie game out there. Hahah. I just love zombie stuff so much, and I need much more than these few zombie games and movies out there. I feel like there's barely any.


  • Call of Duty should come out with a full zombie game.

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