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Zombie Apocalypse

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  • Its the near future and zombies became true. You and your closest friends are willing to either move on or stay put and hold off zombies. 


    Be reasonable. Now a day weapons or make your own way of how you got your weapons.


    You either live or die. I'll make the choice lol. Or other's will.


    Well the army came to New York and sadly they died but left there weapons. Picked up there armor and put it on and somehow manage to go somewhere that's not zombieinfested. What do you say, think I live?

  • wait so do you want us to take your little outline thing and make a story with it?


  • this is a good post, I'll get back to you later with my full plan...

    Wait, I'm not going to tell you. What if you become a zombie, then you will know my plan of survival.

  • Me and my friends will move on to Northern Canada(cause we heard the zombies die in the cold) and i will take my 12 gauge for the trip up. I will stop at my nearest gun store and plunder it for some shells for my gun. During the time looking in the gun store the former owner (now zombified) will surprise one of my friend's(not sure who) and take a bite out of him/her. I will then find the shells and shoot him in the head. With one of my friends about to turn into a zombie i will tie him/her down and pop the gas cap of the stores oven in the back(it doubled as a house) and set a fuse up to the tank. We will then leave the store with the explosion at our back and the memory of our dead friend in our head. We go to the nearest car store to find a ride but the gun store explosion rustled up the zombies so we were being overrun. While were trying to hot-wire the car I am on the roof trying to hold off the zombies from getting to the store. They finally get the car ready and my friends drive to the side of the store. I jump on and take care of the remaining zombies as we make our way to Canada. We are almost there when the car runs out of gas. Since there is no gas station nearby we have to walk the rest of the way. We ran out of food so one of my friends starved to death and since the rest of my friend were hungry we resorted to cannibalism. The thought of eating another person made one of my friends shoot himself. The smell of the blood drew the zombies to our location(which made us realize that the cold didn't stop the zombies)and we ran for it. We see a nearby abandoned house and boarded ourselves inside of it. The boards didn't hold too long cause the zombies broke in right away. I tried to hold them back as i tell my friends to run out the back door. The zombie overrun the house and trap me in a corner, noticing i ran out of shells i throw the gun at the nearest zombie and make a break for the nearest window. Noticing that it's locked i either have two choices:break through the window and maybe plummet to my death, or stay behind and fight my way downstairs to the door. I choose the first one and sprint toward the window, I break through and start falling downward towards another group of zombies. So live or die, what happens.

  • I'm ready for it, I'm going to Sam's Club baby!

     check out my blog!


    Rainheart, I'll never forget you.

  • Well, I would pack up my things and drive out of the city and back to my small hometown. It's basically only seven hundred people. If there was a zombie attack I'd be able to fend off all of the zombies with the sword collection I have upstairs in my room, not to mention the car I could hit them with. And since we are an agricultural community it would be really easy to hijack a tractor and mow the few zombies we did have down.


  • My weapons: Two of these.

    Chew on it zombies. Chew on it.


    My plan: Stockpile on peanut butter and pretzels, steal my neighbors RV, and take it to the open lands in Sascatchewan so I can see if there is a horde on the horizon.

  • One thing I've always wondered is if zombies are just walking corpses and everything organic rots into nothing then couldn't you just wait it out a week or so somewhere and let all the zombies fall apart? Hopefully they wont turn into skeletons like on pretty much every rgp out there.  But enough of being Mr Buzzkill.....

    I'd find the nearest gun store and grab as many Benelli M4's as I could and lots of shells. But if they had a blunderbuss even better. Nothing beats a gun that will shoot anything you can fit down the barrel. And if you can get your hands on an old military deuce and a half grab it. they aren't really that fast but after getting to drive one they are a beast on wheels and simple to operate. Plus they've been making them since about 1950 so there are more than a few around. Then I'd start blowing s--t up using classic lines from Duke Nukem 3D.  Hail to the King baby!

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