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I'm pursuing a career in game design and I'm afraid for the industry.

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  • Hey everyone, I'm Nick and I am seriously worried about what my lifelong dream is going to be like once I get a degree in game design. It seems like the wrong people are making creative decisions these days and games with great potential are getting ruined. Whether it be forcing all these micro transaction features that warrants these pay for an advantage/pay to progress travesties or turning games into some sort of interactive blu ray that feels more like 'Simon Says,' than any quality RPG, this is seemingly the industry's disappointing inevitable future.

    Rewind your game clocks to a time between Mass Effect 2 and the release of Mass Effect 3. Think of the momentum that was earned with the type of games ME1 and ME2 were. That entire fanbase high on the hype of your decisions actually mattering and potentially game shaping throughout the trilogy, resulted in--

    *drum roll*

    Micro Transactions that gave you access to better equipment to play an incomplete version of multiplayer that was never an intention of the series. The characters that were your squad members in ME1 and ME2 turned into a thumbnail and a value that helped your galactic readiness. This would be excusable if you know MAYBE they actually finished the single player story... Nope, the single player story was basically shat on to attempt a shot at multiplayer that never should have been been considered for ME3 to begin with.

    To me, it's easy to see that the wrong people are in control of final creative decisions. Just like the article in the latest issue, 'Fall of the Empire,' it's obvious that with the right leadership, LucasArts could have done many, MANY more good games besides The Force Unleashed.

    At this point if I can't work on a Fallout game I don't think I even want to pursue this career anymore.


  • Just my two cents, but if you want to work in the industry a degree in programming or something else more specific to your interests will go lightyears further than a degree in game design.

  • @Commander Shepard I totally agree with. You should go to college for a degree say in computer science instead of a game design school like Full Sail. That way if you can't get into the game industry with your CS degree your employment options are still wide open.

  • I disagree, I really loved the ME3 multiplayer. I actually still play it on occasion. You have no idea whether multiplayer was forced on the Bioware team or if the Bioware team thought it was a good idea and wanted to make it. I also disagree that the story was "shat on." It definitely went somewhere different than I expected but that is a good thing because it makes me think about it more, about what it means, both figuratively and what it will mean for the universe at large.

    Also, if you don't want to be told what to do with your own game, then go independent and make games on your own terms. You could kickstart a game or find private funding. People do it all the time. Just because you're concerned with things you see in the games industry, does not mean you should give up on your dreams.

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