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Small rant about the Titanfall Alpha

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  • I'm not usually one to feel entitled for much of anything. I know how annoying it comes off, and I often think of Jimmy from GTA 5 when the word is used. But I can't help but feel a little cheated from being excluded from the Titanfall Alpha. I bought an Xbox One and Battlefield 4 day one. I have yet to make it through a full match or two without crashing. When I heard EA was allowing Alpha access to BF4 players, I was ecstatic; It's why I bought my machine. Well that and Watch Dogs haha. But anyway, I was not invited, even though my origin account has been linked to my gamertag this whole time. I even applied to the Alpha on Titanfalls website, though I knew that would be a lower chance tier. Today, several of my friends are playing the Alpha, and I never heard back from EA. I supported them even though my BF4 experience was very subpar. I just got off EA's tech support, and they said that although they do have codes left, they are unable to give them away as they are 'On reserve'. What? Let me down on this one EA. Left a bad taste in my mouth. /Rant. Opinions/comments welcomed haha


    EDIT: What doesn't sit right with me is that they have reserve codes, which sounds like some people get preferential treatment...Who qualifies and why?

  • Yeah, I agree. It should be open to all early adopters.

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