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Invitation to a research project on crowdfunding of video games

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  • Greetings,

    the University of Cologne currently conducts a research project studying success and failure of crowdfunding activities in the video gaming industry. Part of this research project is a questionnaire addressed at active or previous backers of Kickstarter projects. The goal of this questionnaire is to better understand the motivation of backers and success and failure of Kickstarter projects. If you supported at least one video game development project on Kickstarter so far, I would appreciate you filling out the following questionnaire:


    Completing the questionnaire takes about 10 minutes. The research has a purely academic background and receives no financial support by any outside sources. The results will be publicly available upon project completion. If you want to receive the results, just provide a valid email address at the end of the questionnaire. Please contact me if you have any questions regarding this research.

    Appreciating your support, best regards

    Norbert Steigenberger


    Dr. Norbert Steigenberger
    University of Cologne
    Seminar for Business Administration, Corporate Development and Organization
    Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences
    D-50923 Cologne, Germany

  • The survey ends on Sunday, thanks to all who contributed so far. If you are interested in crowdfunding of video games and did not fill out the questionnaire so far, please do so in the next two days. Results will be available in January/February and will be emailed to all participants who provided a valid email address.

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