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Violence in Video Games

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  • Don't you think that the violence shown in FPS games or other games in general contribute to kids becoming more violent themselves? I think that there should be more games that intrest our youth that are more educational rather than violent.

  • As I said on your other post, it's up to the parents to know what is right for their kids. Generally it's pretty difficult for a young kid to acquire violent games without their parents' help, so if you're having trouble with a kid playing violent games maybe you should blame the person enabling the purchase instead of the games themselves.

  • Nah. If children can watch things like James Bond movies or the Hunger Games that involve shooting and violence or children trying to kill eachother then I don't see a problem in them playing video games like this. Also there role models are more likely to be James Bond or Katniss than Captain Price.

  • i'm pretty sure gameinformer actually had an article about this at one time. there are lots of games that are fun without being violent. they also aren't particularly educational. do you let your kids watch nickalodeon? that stuff is just plain stupid and whether you like it or not it's hard to disagree. however it is still for kids. i also think there was a study that showed that people playing video games don't go out and do that stuff because they are too busy doing it on video games. you know, taking out their frustrations and stuff

  • There have been more than a few studies in the past 10 years looking into this...you know what they have by far found....it has no effect.  The best most of them can say is that people with violent tendencies did play violent video games.  Sames as they watched violent movies.  Video games are more popular than ever yet violent crime rates have been on a steady decline since the early 90s (roughly when video games began to grown in popularity).

    I think we as a species  dont like to admit that there are some people who are just aholes.  We see terrible crimes happen and want to blame someone or some thing.  Video games are simply the next in a long line of targets of this blame.  50 years ago people though comic books were ruing the youth of our nation.  At another time it was TV especially violent cartoons like roadrunner.  This was followed up by music like heavy metal and rap.

    You know what has a far greater influence on kids?...Well their parents.  Parents that take interest in their kids.  Guide them in life and instill values.  If you park your kid in front of the TV or a video game and he/she becomes an illiterate fool it is not the fault of the game..it is the fault of the parents.  

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  • I think that everyone has a right to an opinion. I think that parents should  make the decision based on content, not rating. And violence in games actually do raise agression levels, but not any more than playing Super Mario Brothers or Cooking Mama or whatever. Like Palor said, There's something every generation "ruining" our kids. Honestly, anyone who's watching Gladiator or reading Hunger Games should be mature enough to handle Call of Duty or Medal of Honor. (as long as they're not 13 years old, at least)

  • Nah i don't think so, no one is forcing the kids the play video games. Parents complain about them playing violent video games and they don't do anything about it.

  • no... I highly doubt it seeing as I love playing games like Fallout, Assassin's creed, GTA, Red Dead Redemption, DisHonored, Resident Evil... in fact some of the weird things I enjoy doing in those games include decapitating/dismembering people, slashing at corpses and stacking dead bodies but by no means do I feel the need to do those disturbing things in real life...

  • I don't think individual experience actually creates a standard or precedence to go by.  As of now, there have been some studies that violent video games do create aggression in younger ages, but not outright violent outbursts by them.  I agree that there should be more games that do not rely on violence, but am wary on games that "promote learning."  I think there was another study that showed children learned less when put in front of any television or computer, but don't quote me 100% on that one.

  • I would like to point out that majority of Nintendo license products are kid friendly. Along with thosands of Flash games online.

    As a FPS (First Person Shooter) Game to be kid friendly would be very difficult and rather a financial failure for a company. What 12-14yr old's that you know would want to play a shooting game without actual killing?

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  • "thosands of FPS (Frames Per Second) games online"??

  • Such as Flash - edited to flash

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  • That's what a rating system is for....

  • I grew up in a house without censorship...still haven't blown anything up...or shot anyone. I also think its worth noting i graduated at 16, and am already on my way to a BA in law. So...no, video games are not ruining the youth of america, they're making us smarter, improving our hand eye coordination, and teaching us at an early age how to multitask, recently they've even started making us healthier with games like zumba and wii fit...the violent video games causing kids to be more violent has kind of fallen into a corner (much as Palor said) with comic books and music.

    Sorry for the long post, just a subject thats near and dear. :)

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  • I actually watched Michael Moore's Bowling for Columbine for my social psychology class not too long ago. That was something Moore wanted to explore; why does the U.S. have the highest homicide rates of any industrialized country BY FAR when all countries are exposed to basically the same cultural influences across the board?

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