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Good games to buy? Or bad ones to stay away from?

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  • Xbox:

    Tomb Raider 2013 remake was great.  Kind of like a more complete Uncharted game.  Had collectable sets that were really fun to find and actually made you want to search them out.  Great environments and fairly thick story also.  One of the best bow and arrows ever in any game.  Likely my 2nd fav game of 2013.  I liked it more than Bioshock.  Multiplayer does seemed tacked on though and is skippable.

    Trials Evolution - most addictive XBL game ever released.  One of my favorite XB console exclusives.  (I think it is on PC also, but certainly better on the big TV)  Must play.


    Witcher 2 - all around excellent game.  Great action and adventure elements.  Story and setting are both superb.

    Hotline Miami - Excellent Indie game that is very addictive.  Over the top action sequences and extreme precision required.  Multiple ways to get through each level.  Almost a top down Grand Theft Auto mixed with a puzzle game.

    Mass Effect 3 - The PC version of this game destroys console versions.


    The Last of Us - Without going into to much detail, this is easily one of the best 3rd person shooters ever made.  Haven't played very many games that give you such a feeling of dread the whole way through.  Nothing positive really happens throughout the game and you are so drawn into the characters' outcomes.  Truly a unique experience.  Also, played on higher difficulties it is very hard and MUCH more fun.  (Also very good bow and arrow in this game.  Excellent Enemy AI diversion system.)

    Borderlands 2 - You can play this on any platform but this is the one I chose.  My favorite game of 2012.  FPS + minor RPG elements + looting.  This game is GREAT single and even better co-op.  40 -50 hours of enjoyment minimum easily.  It's fun to see a superb FPS that actually has humor in it too, as I get bored playing multiple ultra serious games in a row.

  • Stay away from Ninja Gaiden 3.  Yes, it really is that bad.

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  • Stay away from Brink.

    Check out Rochard.  I got in the PS store, but you should find it for xBox or PC & it'll be cheap.  Its a fun platforming game with lots a humorous dialogue.  The "weapons" are unique and puzzles are challenging.  

    Shank 2 is a pretty awesome side scrolling beat-em-up.  It's cheap too and very addictive.

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