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The Official Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Thread

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  • So what features would you like to see implemented in the new Elder Scrolls game whenever it comes out? Personally, I would like to see the depth of the story and the amount of quests from Morrowind to come back, as well as the more complex skill system. Oblivion was fantastic, but it didn't last nearly as long as Morrowind did.

    I would love to see mounted combat as well. That would be extremely epic. I would like to see an online arena where you can battle other people for gold or maybe items. I would also love to see a co-op of some sort, either over live or with a henchman like in fable 2


    What I hope theydon't do is dumb the game down even more. I want there to be that depth that makes you want to play it non stop so you do everything in the game and learn everything about the game. I also hope they don't make it an mmo

  • Co-op or some kind of multiplayer please!!


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  • co-op would be wonderful

  • First of all, they better make another @#$%* elder scrolls game, and second, how should they set it up?

  • Dude theres gona be a book about it. it takes place 40 years in the future after oblivion, and it ties up the loose ends that occur between the 1000 years where nothing happens in the timeline. its about a floating city that kils any one that its shadow is cast on.

  • Honestly I put hundreds of hours in Oblivion, I know it like the back of my hand. I think that they should definitely redo the leveling up system, at first it seems pretty fair, but for hardcore gamers I think it's definitely flawed.  I loved the different armor classes and weapons, but I think it lacked a "mage armor" class. I didn't like the constant charging of magic weapons, for people who were full warrior classes carrying around hundreds of rocks with your 200 pound armor on didn't work out for me. I hope they don't get rid of the landscape that you could just walk outside a city and be surrounded by rich rivers and trees. I don't want to make a whole paragraph about what I expect out of the next game so I will end it here and hope you guys give your opinions about it too.

  • Not sure. I would like to see a new province. We saw Morrowind, We've seen Cyrodiil.

    Hammerfell is almost as big as cyrodiil, thats the home of the redguards. Theres Skyrim, the frozen home of the nords thats about as big as cyrodiil and morrowind.

    Valenwood and Elsweyr seem a little small to be considered. I highly doubt we will see the Black Marsh.

    I see a lot of potential in high rock, home of the bretons and orcs, but again it might be a little small. Maybe combine it will Hammerfell?

    I've heard a lot of people suggest the Summerset Isles, but I hope not.

    But heres my guess. I think bethesda is going to say "Screw Tamriel" and head to Akavir. Supposedly the nerevarine (the reincarnation of the dietified warlord Indoril Nerevar that you play in Morrowind) left on a pilgramage to Akavir, and I bet whether you play as the nerevarine again or not, you'll find yourself there too.

  • Personally, I hope to see some new armer types, maybe the apearence of mythril, maybe a new class. and God i hope so much that the next one will have allot more content, like where you can do one set of guild quests, beat them, and keep having new things to do, unstead of the tedius tasks of bieng guildmaster and what not.......Please bethesda, put more time into your plot!!

  • New armor, classes, province, leveling, better combat

  • I heard something about TES5 that said that the game would be set 30 years BEFORE Oblivion, when the Emperor was still alive. Think about it... You could practice Necromancy in the Mages Guild because Traven wasn't the Arch-Mage yet. There could probably even be a skill for it. While I would definitely like a new province to explore, I also think that another trip in Cyrodiil wouldn't be too bad, if they spice up the place with more than just a measley 4 guilds. Maybe a few cults on the side that can give you missions, maybe even more freedom so that you can do whatever the heck you want, like join a Daedric cult (always wanted to do that). Lastly, up the ante with the bland countryside. Of course it's absolutely beautiful, but it all looks the same, save up north where it snows. Well, I've said enough...

  •      Many of us want to see a new Elder Scrolls V; and frankly it is hard to believe that we'll never see one again. As immersive and entertaining as the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion was, I still never forgot that I was playing a game; Oblivion just never completely pulled me into the Cyrodillic Province of Tamriel, but I believe in Bethesda's ability to retread on their mistakes and resubmit a more polished and unparalleled universe.

         Allow me to begin with realism, several cases could be made on just how terrible the realism of this game is. the politics and law of this game are sketchy at best. Guards are omniscient, somehow the world didn't seem to show any sign of trouble from their lack of an emperor, (save Kvatch), and dead bodies of fellow bandits mean nothing to the cave-dwellers we've come to know and love. Now, it may seem nit-picky of me, but I feel that the NPCs just weren't alive. The NPC's all felt and sounded the same, real life didn't seem to jump out from them. Some of this can be fixed by simply making your characters skills more versatile; Perhaps guards DO know immediately when a crime has been commited, but with a sufficient speechcraft skill, one could lie their way out of the fine/jailtime, and perhaps bandits will notice dead bodies, unless your character has a high enough sneak skill to hide the bodies in the dark.

         Another fatal flaw of Oblivion was its feel for weaponry. Personally, I preferred the long blade and short blade skills to be separate as well as blunt weapons and axes because, it helped ease monotony in Morrowind. While playing with combat, I felt that it didn't matter which skill I selected, because almost every weapon felt the same save for attack speed, weapon length, and damage. The very least that could be done was an implementation of several different animations for the weapon swing animations and character stance animations. It makes no sense at all for a novice of blade to have the same stance as a master. Not only would I feel more awesome carrying my blade in some funky style, I would feel even more involved with my character. Basically, weapon combat was too monotonous, and I feel that even some simple animations could provide a refreshing change in the Elder Scrolls.

         While not a flaw perse, I felt that the skills in the game should be more intermixable in their applications; particularly with spells and combat. For example, archers can resupply their arrow stock from fallen enemies, but why not take it a step further? An archer who has acquired a sufficient skill level in mysticism should be able to cast his telekinesis skill to open an enemies inventory from afar and retrieve his arrows from a still living target. I could list to you all sorts of combinations for different skills and I will if this garners enough attention and someone cares enough to hear about it, but even listing takes time, it would take Bethesda an incredible amount of effort to implement skill combinations such as this but lets face it, that would be pretty sweet, and give every skill, weapon, and most importantly, gamer, as unique of an experience as the personalities of that individual.

        Please include any other observations you want to this; I want to hear about them, and get a better scope of what maybe someone else who plays differently may want to have included or maybe removed from the next game.

  • I thought that they made an announcement that it was going to be in the Shadowrealm, but maybe I was mistaken...

  • I am an Oblivion fanatic. I've put in hundreds of hours into that game. I've heard the fifth elders scrolls may be called shadowrealm. Sounds badass. I hope they have as much stuff in the game as oblivion. They should mix in moral choices like fallout 3. That way you can't be everything to everyone. I also like Fallout 3's leveling system a lot better so I hope they put that in.

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  • While Oblivion was a great game that had its flaws, one thing I found was that some of the DLC was lacking, sure we all want more houses and items, but I never even used half of them ever. If its 30 years before Oblivion but still in Cyrodil there may be some things but I'm not too sure they would do just that. New weapons, armor and such are expected, and I have no doubts another Elder scrolls game will be realeased.

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  • If Bethesda gives it drop-in, drop-out multiplayer like Borderlands and stops the enemies from scaling, I'll be pleased.

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