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  • [quote user="Vipera ViRuS"]

    As far as story. It was clear that it was a corporation that created Glados and the Portal Gun (Aperture Science) so even with the "death" of Glados, it'd be highly likely that they had separate buildings with different versions of Glados (assuming it was not a mass produced machine).


    Obviously is they built it once, they can build it again, but as far as the main character, and why they rebuilt the items? I really would have no clue. I would really like to see the return of the character from the original except based off the original ending, it seems highly unlikely that she survived.


    The thing is with Portal I felt it was just perfect. It forced you to think, the puzzles were entertaining and new with each one, and it ended within a reasonable time, before the puzzles began getting tedious/overdone.

    With the announce of the second, I'm assuming it will no longer be piggybacked on something else, therefore it'll be it's own full length game, which would imply if it were only puzzles, I'd feel it might get tedious or the game would feel too short for the price (assuming retail $60 price).

    Otherwise, the game would require something new to it, most likely combat of some sort, but I feel that would take away from the pureness of the original game.

    Overall, I trust Valve, they do a great job with video games for the most part. I'm very much so looking forward to it


    dunno if anyones covered this yet but the Glados that was destroyed was actually more of a conduit for the program, it's an AI program that can transfer from console to console, just because one of her stations was destroyed doesn't mean the AI was destroyed itself, hence "Still Alive"