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  • Personally, I don't see why Bethesda would want to enter the MMO territory. It goes against everything the Elder Scrolls has been really, and I think it will sterilize the franchise. I mean in all honesty, outside of the setting, there really is no one thing that will transfer well into an MMO. Bethesda would have to totally rework and reimagine everything, and then balance out the game and bugs, and it would just be a mess.

    Also, why would you want to pitch one of your most successful IP's into the mess that is the MMO market? I gave MMOs a fair shake, I did, but everytime I played one I never felt like, "Wow! This is the best, this is so much fun!" Everything you do is pointless, there is no progression or true "end", which I get is a nice selling point for some people, but I don't need a reason to keep giving some guys my money every month.

    Its a social thing, I get it ok? All I'm saying is, please don't make The Elder Scrolls into an MMO. Please?