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  • The next Elder Scrolls game is going to be very exciting, because the team will hopefully have some new ideas and stuff maybe from making Fallout, or at least the engine will be better.

    As far as content goes, I think shrinking the world a bit, and adding more life to the game will really go a long way. The game world is fun to explore, but it always seems so desolate. I also want them to keep advancing combat. Personally, I'm a melee guy, so I would like to see more options/abilities to make fighting more than one person a possibility. If you get teamed up on in Oblivion, it is really hard to fend them off, especially if a swing goes awry and you hit the character currently blocking, thus knocking you back. I think making a parry ability or something would be useful. Like many others, I have a lot of ideas (big fan), but I'll end it there.