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  • "While Oblivion was a great game that had its flaws, one thing I found was that some of the DLC was lacking, sure we all want more houses and items, but I never even used half of them ever. If its 30 years before Oblivion but still in Cyrodil there may be some things but I'm not too sure they would do just that. New weapons, armor and such are expected, and I have no doubts another Elder scrolls game will be realeased."

    Did you forget The Shivering Isles. It remains today the best DLC every released. It could be it's own game.

    "If Bethesda gives it drop-in, drop-out multiplayer like Borderlands and stops the enemies from scaling, I'll be pleased."

    I think there are mods for that on the PC version. That would be pretty awesome. It could be so much better than Fable II's lackluster co-op