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The official Fallout New Vegas thread

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    First off, yes it's an RPG and it's said by Bethesda that it will have very similar gameplay like Fallout 3.

    Second, are you insane!?! Better than Fallout 3! Not as much work is being put in Vegas because they worked on Fallout 3 for years. Also, Fallout 3 is the best game I've ever played by far. The only game I would ever award a 10/10. So to improve on that would be just drop-dead epic which will probably not be til Fallout 4 or maybe Elder Scrolls 5. So yeah, get your head on straight. New Vegas is excepected some time in 2010 BTW.

    I have to agree with you that Fallout 3 was outstanding, and easily one of my all-time top games, but it was certainly not without it's serious issues.  Few games are actually perfect, after all, they can't all be Super Metroid or Eternal Darkness (yuk yuk).

    My biggest issue with Fallout 3 was that it has just about the stupidest AI I've ever witnessed in a game, made all the worse by the otherwise excellent VATS system.  VATS had depth and involved strategy.  The enemies did not.  Almost without fail, they all attacked the same way:  Run at player and attack. That was it.  No running away, no regrouping, no strategizing, no digging in and going for a long fight, no attempts at anything indicating a creature with a brain was fighting me.  That really sucked.  Also, except for the Deathclaws, it was pretty much always just better to target an enemy in the head or face, on top of which, manual aiming and shooting was often more successful, which, in the end, kinda makes the VATS system a little useless. 

    It was also glitchy as all hell.  I have yet to play a game that was as glitchy as Fallout 3 was.  Originally, I borrowed the game from a friend of mine and played through it, and it was monumentally glitchy.  One of the worst trapped me in an invisible box the size of my character, right next to a door and I couldn't even kill myself successfully.  I fired a rocket at my feet hoping to finish myself off and restart at my last save, but the rocket weirdly moved to my side and just kept spinning against the ground as I sat in it's harmless smoke trail.  I couldn't have been more baffled.  Then the Xbox froze. 

    Later, when I bought game for myself after returning home from a year in a place worse than post-apocalyptic DC, I picked up the Game of the Year addition which appeared to have all the patches and whatnot, as it wasn't anywhere near as buggy. 

    Still, as tired as I am of Las Vegas being used as a backdrop for crap, I'm still looking forward to the new Fallout when it comes out this November, because those issues I mentioned aside, it was remains one of my all-time favorites.  I just hope the enemy characters have actual thought put into the AI programming.  The bugs can always be fixed with patches.

  • http://www.bethsoft.com/newsletter/pastnewsletters/newsletter-08.26.10.html its on the bottom of the screen scroll all the way down.

    Are you sure you won't stay for brunch?

    -Apple Bloom

  • I am really excited about that too actually! I love my Medic Power Armor, but I have to admit that the Enclave armor looks a lot cooler. I can't wait to get this game!


  • So I saw the screenshot of Marcus and it made me excited. And then it made me sad, because there's not one for Gorris. You can't have one without the other.

    ... I hope Gorris is in the game. =/

  •  Thought it would be neat to have everyone playing the game list the glitches they have encounterd


    I am only a few hours in and notice half the time it shows i have no ammo when i really do, 

  • Ive played about 3 hours and the AI is horrible. They get stuck everywhere like on behind rocks, corners etc. Also sometimes when I make a weapon my current weapon it doesn't show up for a minute or two.

  •  Okay, so alot of you will probably end up selecting the wild wasteland trait when you start new vegas and i created this forum to talk about the wacky events that have happened to players since selecting it.


    So far i've seen a skeleton in a fridge with a nice hat (reference to Indiana jones 4) and i've heard the alien blaster can only be obtained through the wild wasteland trait.


    so, what have you seen?

    EDIT: you know that a wild wastland event has occured when a picture of a confused vault-boy pops up and next to it in text is "..."


    Fear My Strings. Fear them.



  • Has anyone else run into the problem at the very beginning where the Giant Radscorpion runs in and attacks all of the citizens of Goodsprings?


    Twitter: @MichaelJ325

  • @Michael Johnson I have not had that problem, but honestly sounds hilarious

  • @jrh5740

    Yeah, I was running to a way point and a giant radscorpion chased me.  To avoid dying I just ran into Goodsprings.  The radscorpion just hung out around town chasing and killing people.  Ruined a quest or two.


    Twitter: @MichaelJ325

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