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The Official Battlefield 3 Thread

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  • While metro is definitely more closed in than typical BF fare, it's understandable as it's infantry only.

    That being said, it's had it's share of bugs (the most annoying being players hiding under the map), but I trust DICE to fix these before the final game.

    My only real complaint is with EA, who has deemed it fit to force PC players to install spyware to play the game. Thanks to that, I chose the 360 version. However, if EA changes it's policy in that regard, I will be picking up the 360 and PC versions.

  • I personally think this may blow Modern Warfare 3 right out of the water. Sure, its the " Call of Duty" name, its gonna sell tons... but it doesn't seem to compare to battlefield. Nothing in Call of Duty has really changed besides weapons and maps. Battlefield has really upped its game, they should be proud.

  • Apparently, the Xbox 360 version of the game is having issues.

    Edit: And no sooner do I post this, then Battleifield's Twitter account states that the servers are fixed again.

    Disregard. Nothing to see here.

  • Ships 10 million in first week

    Yeah, you read that right. Battlefield 3 has shipped more than 10 MILLION in it's first week. EA has even been receiving call for reorders. Holy...

  • its gonna be epic.


    Fear My Strings. Fear them.



  • Love love love BF3. The story is amazing and the multiplayer just can't be beat.

    My Platoon: FLAG4

    It's new, and consists of just my friend and I so far but we would love more members to compare stats with. Feel free to join. See you in game!

  • Before I continue, I must say that I find BF3 to be a great reprieve from COD.  Graphics, gameplay and everything else aside, BF3's pregame lobby frustrates me though.  The issue I have concerns not being able to quit in a reasonable manner, such as in between games or sessions.  

    Now I see why they might have not done this.  Perhaps to encourage people to play both sides of the map since some maps are favored towards one side or the other (modes like Rush where certain points are more easily defendable than others).  That's fine and all, a solution to that is to be able to quit after every other game, after both sides have been played.  

    Another reason might be to encourage team work.  If you are forced to be work alongside the same people, you might as well get along and try and win as a team rather than soloing it.  But then why are we able to quit/rage quit as soon as the game starts?  This type of quitting infuriates me the most.  I go into a game 12v12 only to find it is 6v6 or worse, stacked 10v7 or something.  I also hate doing this to other people, I hate being "That Guy."  

    If one of their reasons is to suck out as much time from us as possible (let's face it, capitalism at work), mightn't this simply turn some on the fence gamers off?  It isn't enough for me, but it's a nagging thing in the back of my head.  

    This certainly isn't by mistake, as this also was the case in Bad Company 2.  Not sure if anyone shares the same frustration as I do.

  • I have to agree and for a long time I was also afraid of losing my points, but eventually found that as long as you waited until the next game started loading, your points were safely stored.

  • That's not even the main issue I have with it.  I just wish that people could use the lobby as... well as a lobby.  Give people time to quit in a civil manner so that I don't start a game that is 9v3 (that happened last night).  

    I also noticed that if you quit through the menu in-game, then it adds to your percentage in one of your stats.  Mine is 9% right now.  Roughly half of that is from wanting to stop playing, and the other half is when my squad didn't get into the game so I would quit to rejoin with them.

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