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Those old DOS games

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  • I've been breaking out DOSBox on my laptop lately to revel in some classics that I used to obsess with when I was a kid.  I thought that some of these less known ones would actually make great games today.

    What're some old DOS games that you'd like to see remade?

    I'd like to see Traffic Department 2192, Solar Winds, and Montezuma's Revenge.

    -- Go for the eyes Boo, GO FOR THE EYES!! RrraaaAAGHGHH!!!

  • I'd love to see the Might & Magic games go back to their old ways. I'd love to see how epic something like World of Xeen could be with this generation's technology.

  • We had some Might and Magic elitists in 9th grade.  I had never heard of the games before then, and refused to even talk shop with me about them.  To this day I've never played them.   I should see if I can find a torrent of them somewhere.

    There was an old game...I *think* it was called Overlord.   Basically you duel with this other entity for control of these worlds.  When you took a world you had to terraform it and had to choose which type of planet it would be.  Object was, of course, to take all the planets and defeat your opponent.  Simple concept, but surprisingly difficult, and fun.  Anyone ever play this game?

    -- Go for the eyes Boo, GO FOR THE EYES!! RrraaaAAGHGHH!!!

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