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  • The concept of leading other Assassins really excites me, but I'm skeptical of it at the same time. Pressing a button for instant back-up raised an eyebrow, and then I read a comment which likened it to Splinter Cell: Conviction's Mark and Execute feature, which really made me think less of it.

    Fighting in Assassin's Creed was crap loads easy for the first game, and arguably easier in the sequel. You can take on potentially endless guards by yourself, but I've settled for waves of twenty and thirty. The thought of a win button in what is already an incredibly easy situation just seems... sad.

    I'm also disappointed with the limitation on how many Assassins you can lead at any given time. They're being treated as important characters, with their own story arcs like in Mass Effect, but at the same time they're also being treated as a combat currency. If I want to invest in the story and learn about the hammer brute's past but my guild is full, I have to lead my archer lady to her death in order to make a slot available for him.

    My disappointments obviously conflict with each other in that having maybe twenty Assassins would make it more of a win button than it already is, but I wish Ubisoft would work a way around it so that you could recruit all possible Assassins but only be able to summon so many at once...

    Anyway, I'm beyond excited for more adventures with Ezio, with cannon fights, horse-to-horse combat, and general horse travel inside Rome. Considering the original Game Informer cover story for Assassin's Creed showed Altair on a horse while in Acre, it's taken a long time for it to get here.