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  • IGN has the best preview of the game so far. (I say this mostly because of video quality.)


    • Each Valve employee asked about Portal 2 for PS3 has basically said "It will be the best version of Portal 2 *cough* on consoles *cough*." I don't doubt this is true because it's got Steam integration, I just think Valve is keeping something special for PC gamers only.


    • While watching one of the walkthrough videos in the IGN preview, I heard a Valve employee say "And then the second...uh, at least that we'll be showing you today, is this Propulsion Gel." More gels to come? (A sticky gel might be fun.)


    • If Wheatley is any indication, it appears as if GlaDOS was not well-liked by many of the other robots in the facility. Sounds like she was sort of a tyrannical dictator over the whole place, which makes sense. There may even be other robots capable of running the facility whom she has kept locked into some routine task or something and could be getting out now. (Like Wheatley, who was threatened with death if he didn't stay on his track and do whatever his task was.)


    • Valve says they spent a year play-testing the original Portal in its finished state, and they'll have to take even longer to play-test Portal 2 because it has co-op. Hopefully this doesn't push the release date back even further...


    • Why haven't we seen any co-op gameplay yet?

    And here's the trailer again in HD and full-screen.