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Portal 2 **OFFICIAL**

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  • Lemme guess, not for PS3 Valve?

    Probably not.

    Anyways, here is your place to discuss your thoughts about Portal 2, post any recent news, and try to brainstorm some story ideas.


    CaNdLE + LiiGHT = OWNAGE

  • As far as story. It was clear that it was a corporation that created Glados and the Portal Gun (Aperture Science) so even with the "death" of Glados, it'd be highly likely that they had separate buildings with different versions of Glados (assuming it was not a mass produced machine).


    Obviously is they built it once, they can build it again, but as far as the main character, and why they rebuilt the items? I really would have no clue. I would really like to see the return of the character from the original except based off the original ending, it seems highly unlikely that she survived.


    The thing is with Portal I felt it was just perfect. It forced you to think, the puzzles were entertaining and new with each one, and it ended within a reasonable time, before the puzzles began getting tedious/overdone.

    With the announce of the second, I'm assuming it will no longer be piggybacked on something else, therefore it'll be it's own full length game, which would imply if it were only puzzles, I'd feel it might get tedious or the game would feel too short for the price (assuming retail $60 price).

    Otherwise, the game would require something new to it, most likely combat of some sort, but I feel that would take away from the pureness of the original game.

    Overall, I trust Valve, they do a great job with video games for the most part. I'm very much so looking forward to it

  • Having never played the Half Life series, and probably not going to be able to play them for years, I hope Portal 2 won't have too many things I don't understand because of it.

  • I was hoping this will be packaged in The Orange Box 2 and they are just revealing it through piecemeal.

    If not I'm still going to buy it. I wonder if this game will be a pure puzzle game or will they add something else, maybe not gun play, but some puzzle battles with combine forces out in the world.

    I hope Chell makes a come back :)

    Anyone keeping up to date with the BBS pics?

    Just play The Orange Box Smasher. While Half-Life is part of the story, the real meat is found in The Orange Box.

    Say no to walls of text. Just hit the enter key. 

  • @Smasher: Portal is a completely separate entity, you need to know *nothing* about Half-Life to enjoy Portal. But you will miss some references in the Credits song of Portal if you haven't played Half-Life, that's about it.

  • If it wasn't for the short gameplay length of the original game, I would say that it was perfectly made.

    If Valve fixes that problem in Portal 2 while maintaining the magic of the original, I will be ecstatic.

    However, instead of repeating the concept with new levels, they should definitely introduce new items, enemies, weapons, etc.

  • @Enigma- How do those pictures work into the ARG?  Also, is the quality supposed to be that bad?

    I am hoping there will be some outdoor elements to Portal 2, along with some human enemies.  Put a portal at the top of a tall building and plant the other portal at the feet of your enemies... splat.  Or get them stuck in a loop or something.

  • @Jpow11: But I felt the short gameplay was part of what kept the game fresh and great. It wasn't long enough to get dull and tedious. I personally felt that Zero Punctuation's review of the Orange Box nailed it for me (as far as the Portal section) "It means it doesn't outstay its welcome and it narrows the gap between you and the fantastic ending"

    @Enigma: Some of the pictures don't work but as far as the ones that do, great find.


    At the end of Portal you were sent through a portal and landed somewhere and sometime in a parking lot, so I would assume you ended up in the combine overworld. I think that the story might have you trying to gather up pieces of GLaDOS and figure out how to get back while you are fighting off combine.

    But if you aren't playing as Chell, then Valve can do anything and no one would probably ever figure out what it is until they announce it.

  • As soon as I finished Portal I immediately hoped the sequel would be a Valve- made FPS with weapons and enemies and lots of new indoor and outdoor locations, but with the portal gun being the main component of the gameplay.

    Now, if Portal 2 sticks with just the portal gun that's just fine by me.  I just hope it's a lengthier experience if it's coming out at full retail price.


    mind over mana

  • It would be really disappointing if the protagonist wasn't Chell.  Portal 1's length was perfect for it's story.  The environment was all the same until you get to where "we pretended we were going to murder you" And the change afterward helped it stay fresh and fun.  It is possible that it isn't a typical full length game, and if it isn't valve *probably* won't charge 60 bucks for it.  Hopefully it is a more full length game though, with a good long campaign, and then plenty of challenge maps to play with.  Personally i hope there aren't any guns, i feel like they would spoil the puzzle-ness of the game.

  • @ jpow:

    I actually felt that having the portal gun as your only weapon was what made the game for me

  • I have an ideas for competitive multiplayer. There could be a mode where one team would have portal guns and then the other team would have to set down turret guns and other traps to keep the other team away from let's say, a bomb. (That is sorta like Search and Destroy, I guess) I hope they have a speed run mode or time trial mode, too. I'm getting it no matter what, but it would add more replay value to it.

    EDIT: Did anyone else see this at Gamestop.com? It is also "The Deal" today.

    "Players will explore never-before-seen areas of the Aperture Science Labs and be reunited with GLaDOS, the occasionally murderous computer companion who guided them through the original game."


    EDIT 2: What if there was a mode where you could create your own puzzles and share them over the community?

  • If they were able to make a multiplayer element that was actually good, it would be nice, but this may not even be possible.  Kim Swift said they multiplayer thing they were working on "was less fun then you would think" :www.shacknews.com/featuredarticle.x

    They shouldn't add a multiplayer just for the sake of having one, the first one didn't and the second one probably doesn't really need one to be an awesome game.

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