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WiiU. why so much hate?

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  • 1st of all The reason im bringing this here and not at Nintedo sub forum its cause im more interested in the opinion of those that Nintendo is targeting (the HD, hardcore, whatever gamers they skipped Nintendo and the Wii)

    I dont get what is with the hate to WiiU. it got what everybody asked from the the Wii 3 -4 years ago, HD, hard drive, a serious online community, and even added the pad as a way to keep innovating gameplay instead of just get happy with the standard.

    Yet all the people is bashing it,
    "a well PS3 or Xbox already have that" or WiiU just catching up, bla bla bla bla.

    Well guys get something, Every god forsakes console is the same!! is has been since PS2 era. same controller, same gameplay and features.
    Nintendo Is catching up with the trend and even trying to improve it.

    What the hell are you all complaining when all SONY and M will do is smash a new Graphic Card get the price back to 500$ glorify it as the true NEXT GENERATION and call it a day and wait for so Called "Hard Core" gamers to plunge down their money



  • here's why I'm unimpressed, and "hating" the WiiU (even though I'm not really hating it so far, just severely question it and Nintendo).

    A)It's another gimmicky option from NIntendo. So far all they have shown me is that it's just an HD version of the DS. You get an extra screen on your controller in order to choose weapons or play mini games. I've really seen nothing that reaches out and tells me it's really all that unique in the fact that it's something nintendo has been doing with there Handheld systems for years now. And while yes some games you will be able to play without the tv I somehow don't imagine I'm going to be feeling the die hard need to EVER pick up Wiiu Fitness at any point in time when/if I own the console. While that would be a cool concept to give me for games later on down the road where i can, say give up the tv for mom/brother/girlfriends/whoever is with me at my house and/or apartment/place of living when I own the system right now nothing is telling me I need it.

    B) You proved your point when saying it has HD, Hard drive, and a Serious Online Community. These are things that Sony and Microsoft have had (and pretty much almost perfected) since the 360's and PS3's introductions. Nintendo is incredibly late on the parties that should have already been introduced.  As far as "...catching up with the trend..." I would hardly call technological advancements in the home console area as catching up with a trend that has essentially existed since the SNES and Sega Genesis.

    C)WHERE ARE THE GAMES?!?!?!?! sorry but your gonna be hard pressed to get me to buy Batman: Arkham City AGAIN just b/c I can choose Batman's weapons right there with a touch screen. Pikmin 3 is NOT a system seller, Nothing is convincing me I need to go change my pre-orders for Darksiders 2 or AC III to the WiiU, and about the only new game were really seeing come out that's brand new is ZombiiU (and even Ubisoft is saying that could potentially be a multi-platform title). Right now there are NO SYSTEM SELLERS in my opinion. No new Zelda, Metroid, Starfox, hell even a new Mario Kart or Mario Strikers would make me feel like it's a little more worth the purchase if done right.

    So there you have it, this is why I'm insanely skeptical bout Nintendo and the new WIIu. again i'm not saying it's gonna be a terrible system in the long run, just that right now Nintendo hasn't shown me a reason to be lining up on release night at gamestop to try and get my hands on one.  

  • I think it's really about Nintendo over the last few years.  They are a company that refuses to be ordinary; call it gimmicky if you want, they refuse to let gaming become something where you get something you expect.  I think it's why I like it so much.  It's the fact they will wholeheartedly cling to an idea or a particular philosophy that sometimes only they understand, at least at first.

    I'm interested in the Wii U, I don't hold the opinion whether it's automatically good or bad because I haven't actually played it yet.  Say what you will about Nintendo, there is not other company like it.  I've never heard of a company focus more on how there hardware and software will bring people together than getting their consumers money.

  • Firstly, I don't hate the Wii U.  I'm eager to play it, as I am eager to play any new game hardware (except for OnLive which exists to offer nothing of interest except to be a super-gimped PC without the computer). 


    Secondly, the Wii U DOES NOT have a harddrive.  It has 8 GB of internal storage, which is likely going to be flash-based and not a hard disk.  Essentially, the same as the Wii, 3DS, and 4GB Xbox 360.


    I am extremely disappointed in Nintendo's E3 conference, though.  Showing us a game we all played last year?  Three freakin' Mario games, and two of them are just New Super Mario Bros side-scrollers.  Yeah, I'm trilled to see Pikmin 3 and ZombiU, and I'm here to completely discount the idea of ZombiU going multiplatform.  The developers admitted that it would heavily depend on how the tablet-to-Xbox deal works (if it works that well at all) and for PS3, it would require the Vita.  Essentially, both set-ups would hardly be logical design choices since they would require extra hardware that most gamers likely don't have, or don't care about.  

    I'm a huge gamer, and I have no interest in tablets and I view them as little more than over-priced semi-portable half-phones internet machines.  I'm sure there's probably more to them than that, but that's all I ever see.  "Look at me play this browser game on my tablet!"  "Wow, that was $400 well spent (sarcasm)."

    The other thing holding back ZombiU from being ported is it's overall game design.  It would have to be almost fundamentally redesigned--which may not be profitable.  


    Back to the E3 conference, though, Nintendo had a chance to completely dominate the show this year.  Brand new console, their new portable ready to hit it's stride as sophomore releases really set the stage for the system's life.  Imagine how they'd have conquered the show if they had focused less on a game from last year, had focused on only ONE Mario game, and had done what they did with the 3DS--showed a franchise we expect in a glossy new form, and showed a revival franchise to blow our minds.  When Nintendo did this fo rthe 3DS, they showed Super Mario 3D Land, Pilotwings Resort, and Kid Icarus Uprising and the 3DS stole the show.

    This year?  An old game, Mario, Mario, Mario, and Pikmin 3.  Imagine seeing a new F-Zero, StarFox, Zelda, or a new Metroid that isn't a broken travesty or a blight on the video game industry like that last disaster.  How about some revived franchises?  Mach Rider, Ice Climbers, StarTropics, Eternal Darkness, Geist...  I'm frankly surprised they didn't show us a bunch of HD remakes of GameCube games, which is something I totally expect them to do.


    I would've been happy to see pretty much anything other than all this damn Mario crap.  And when you expand what they showed, the expanse doesn't go that far--New Mario U, New Mario 3DS, Paper Mario, Luigi's Mansion, Wario Ware... That's five games at E3 that all grew from the same franchise, and that are all related.  I'm not buying this crap any more than I'm buying Wii Fit U--the only one of these games I ever had any interest in was the new Luigi's Mansion.  


    I'm a Nintendo and Xbox 360 fan more than Sony, but I hand it to them--Sony owned E3.  Both Nintendo and Microsoft sat back and played it safe during a show where no one is supposed to.  You either bring out the big guns, or you just wasted everyone's time.

  • RezidentHazard (rides again):

    Secondly, the Wii U DOES NOT have a harddrive.  It has 8 GB of internal storage, which is likely going to be flash-based and not a hard disk.  Essentially, the same as the Wii, 3DS, and 4GB Xbox 360.

    This is the only point im eager to argue you back, yes it wont have a HDD like ps3 and xb360, but Nintendo already said that the purpose is to support external HDD. that mean if you want you can attach a 100 1TB HDD to the Wii instead of being limited to the 250GB PS3 and Xbox marry you with


  • To be clear not all the naysayers are hating on it, some of us are just trying to raise questions.  You do have haters out there, but most of them are spending their time fighting over PS3 or 360.  You also have your trolls...but ignore them.

    Now for my I lack interest in the system for 1 major reason.  I do not see any must play games on it.  I do not buy a console until there is a title that I feel I must play.  I am sure the new Mario game will be great, but I dont see enough new ideas to justify a new console purchase.  Then games like AC3, Dark Siders2, and Batman, again the slight differences over the other versions is not enough for me.  Pikman, ehh sure I would buy it on sale but not for the admission price of the console.

    Now I am sure the launch library will expand but so far I do not see it.  A HD Zelda that featured an adult Link...now that would be a must buy for me (and used standard controls over motion).  A new Star Fox that was not a tunnel shooter, count me in and so much more.  Zombie U could be interesting, time will tell on that but I think I will stick with the Arma mod Day Z.  I also really hope that they don't name all the iterations of the game something U....this just annoys me.

    I also have concerns that the next Xbox and PS4 will eclipse the WiiU in power causing it to again have toned down versions of the multi-platform games.  I was happy to see the pro controller or whatever they are calling it, hopefully it comes packaged with the system.  


    @Garf02 - that is a fair point, but it is also a fair point that you can upgrade the drives on PS3 and 360.  PS3 with I believe any laptop hdd.   You do need to buy special ones for the 360 from Msoft but again doable.

    We're sorta like 7-Eleven. We're not always doing business, but we're always open.

    Steam - palor700   XBL - LooneyPilot   paxgaming.com

  • You are so right, nobodys pushing the current generation in terms of innovation, any further. As long as they retain the family gaming aspect, which is all I would use it for, they should surpass the original wii no problem.

  • garf02:

    RezidentHazard (rides again):

    Secondly, the Wii U DOES NOT have a harddrive.  It has 8 GB of internal storage, which is likely going to be flash-based and not a hard disk.  Essentially, the same as the Wii, 3DS, and 4GB Xbox 360.

    This is the only point im eager to argue you back, yes it wont have a HDD like ps3 and xb360, but Nintendo already said that the purpose is to support external HDD. that mean if you want you can attach a 100 1TB HDD to the Wii instead of being limited to the 250GB PS3 and Xbox marry you with


    External memory can be added to the PS3 and Xbox360 as well.  They may "marry" you to a set harddrive, but you can always add to it.  I use a USB thumb drive for my Xbox 360 to transfer my profile from my Xbox to my girlfriend's, and my Borderlands data is also on there.

  • I'm indifferent. I've been indifferent to Nintendo since N64. SNES was the last console nindento made I was generally eager to get, but I didn't get it imediately since I only had so much funds. I got plenty of mileage from my Genesis. I might end up buying a Nintendo product eventually, but it's long after it's release. The usual line up does little for me of Mario/various spin offs, Zelda and Metroid(which a series that's been dead to me since SNES.OoT was good, but how many knock offs of it do i need to play?) On regular Wii , I think Super Mario Wii and hand full of DLC remakes of older classic like Blaster Master were handful of things that I ever got excited about on Wii. In some cases I preferred the gamecube version of some games over the Wii one, such as Mario KartDouble Dash, or Smash bros: Melee. I dislike the motion controls and ninteod's controls feel a  bit floaty in general on most games. (when I played SM:brawl i used a gamecube controller.)

       I owned a wii for a few days. I sold it to my younger cousin, as she really really wanted it.(she felt sorry only having a N64 to play whem my sisters kids visited her, and had all Wii fitness stuff since her roommate moved out who own a wii.) I got it on sale with a TV during black friday.(which it included Super Mario wii, and was the red edition.The one thing I kinda wanted for it) I was like i just got a PS3 and was outfitting it, and really didn't feel like having get all bells and whistles for another system. (extra controllers and games.)  When my cousin heard I had it, and immediately wanted to buy it off mefor slightly more than I paid which was still a super deal 1t 100 bucks, I knew getting rid of it was the right call.(I tried to get her fiance to buy it for her, but the noob didn't seem to get it. he asked her about ..like no dummy be a stud and buy the gift she really wants cheapo) I am happy only owning one system and my PC. If I really want to play Wii bad enough i can borrow the sistem off someone. (my sister literally wouldn't care as her kids barely play theirs.)

             So if Im lukewarm on the current generation of Wii...I am even less interested in nintendo's current offering. (on side note nintendo..your current pronoun name scheme is terrible....ditch it. The nintendo revolution was a much cooler name than the wii. Whats next, the nintendo Thii? heh) Sure I'd probably love to play some more side scrolling mario...I really would, but that doesn't justify me buying a  whole new system.

    If I had more cash coming in, I'd probably own all systems. I don't and usually am entirely too busy nowdays to enjoy them all anyways as I somewhere along the way got responsible and boring heh.

      I learned my lesson with PS2, rushing to be first guy buy a system at launch is lame anyways.(I used it more as a DVD player in the first year than a game system.Things picked up eventually though.) There's barely anythnig to play on it, and you play far more than it's worth. I'd rather wait, and enjoy what I currently have. I took my time upgrading to a PS3 from my PS2. When Sony releases a new system, I probably won't be rushing buy it right away either. Nintendo is currently showing me nothing to break my stance so I will continue to ignore them.

  • Many of you have some good points. Though i have some concerns with the WiiU, i can safely say that is is the first Nintendo product ive been excited about since the N64.

  • I just think the Wii U is Nintendo trying to do things there way and not what core gamers really want. I know Nintendo loves their innovation but I wish I could have all of Nintendo's innovation and a traditional console experience.

    With the Wii they had the Virtual console control for those  who wanted to use it, but a lot of games didn't even have the option. When I was playing Skyward Sword and Super Paper Mario sometimes I just wanted to use a regular control. One I didn't have to wiggle or turn sideways to use. I wish they would have made the Virtual console controller just as much an option as the Wii Remote and Nunchuk. Now some games did have the option (Super Smash Bros. and Monster Hunter) but I wish every game did.

    Now with this Gamepad controller they have another option (an actual controller) but it looks weird and I doubt It will always be an option to use on every game. I just want to use a regular controller when I play a Nintendo game sometimes.

    Now don't get me wrong I'm excited for this and I how it does well, but I don't think I always want to have to use one of Nintendo's crazy controllers for good Nintendo game.

  • I don't hate the system I'm just not convinced that I need to go out and buy it day one. It was Nintendo's job to show us at E3 that we should buy this system and many people felt that they just failed to do that.

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