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Black Ops 2 Leaked July Issue GamesMaster UK :Black Ops 2 Guns and Tech

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    All of this info is from GamesMaster UK July edition, which doesn't come out for over a month

    The first few exciting leaks.

    An arm mounted launcher the size of an iPhone that can rapidly fire bouncing explosives, drastically cutting down on the transition time between shooting bullets

    and raining hell on the enemey with the 'noob tube'.


    A throat communicator, which gaming equipment manufacturer Mad Catz will be producing with Call of Duty branding. So you can buy yourself the tech they use in-game.


    Google Goggles

    In Black Ops 2's level select screen you'll don a pair of Google glasses that provide information about your environment and personal status. Including ammo counts, picture-in-picture feeds from friendly drones, and enemy positions


    The XM8 of Black Ops 2 features the ability to see enemies through walls with an optic sight, and the option to kill them through cover by charging up mulitiple bullets and then firing them all off in one devastating burst.


    More to come as we comb through this major article.


    If you don't believe this leak, we're happy to provide further proof.





    Another leak from the July issue of GameMaster UK! This looks like they've really put in a bunch of effort and resources into making this game top notch!

    In the trailer, we saw a gun fight on horses in a desert. This section of Black Ops 2 is set

    in 1987 Afghanistan. For the animations of this scene, Trayarch went all out to bring realistic horseback riding to Call of Duty.


    To ensure that the horseback animations were up to par, Trayarch decided to fully motion capture a horse and rider.

    Instead of bringing the animal into Activision's studio they worked with media giant Viacom using its specialized facilities suited for filming animals.


    They spent an entire day filming a horse named Mystique and her heavily armed companion.


    The result? A mid '80s Afghanistan level populated with dozens of the most realistic gaming horses ever.


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