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  • From another thread.

    by maddkilo Wednesday, February 17, 2010 at 07:19 PM

    well said matthew, if the original minds of fallout can improve fallout 3 mechanics and graphics (with a revamped engine), and still work with the fps style given (especially the vats system), I think it would be too premature to say that fnv will be one of the best games of 2010. If they can take any tips from us gamers, I hope they improve interacting with other npc and random characters, customization with weapons and clothing, monetary system, interacting w/the enviroment and objects (why can't i see myself drinking a nuka cola or even a nuka cola in my hands if they are that good etc etc), emphasis on bringing back that awe and earie feeling of being alone in the abandon subways, and improve facial espresssions that can help when talking to people.

    It wont hurt to also incorporate a page from bioware of transferring chracters and the decisions made in fallout 3 that will ultimately affect the way we can take on quests in fnv. Also i know the vehicles in fallout 3 are, well to put it nicely, not the kind of vehicle i would be seen in when killing mutants down the road. But from the timeline given, there had to be some old versions of the army jeep. I wouldnt mind putting a precision gatling laser in the back of that jeep.

    These are just my idea, and hopefully the great minds of obsidian have already dwelved into these ideal improvements and already implying them into their test mods and engine. (wishful thinking at its best i know...)

    wheres the podcast and other ideas i had was a co op system and tie mothership zeta with area 51. That would be awesome