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The Official Dead Space 2 Thread

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  • This is one of the best horror games I've played in a long time. Already beat it and started Hardcore mode...twice...And I can say without a doubt that Hardcore mode makes the game a lot more intense. Each fight is literally to the death, especially in the early chapters. Three saves, fifteen chapters. Guh. I died in 5 an hour ago, and after getting over my frustration, I wanted to jump back into it.

    But I'm not ready to beat my head against that wall quite yet.

  • just finished up the campaign, soooo good. i am 100% in agreement that the ending was phenomenal, i want to restart it and play all the way through again right now just to witness it again. pure awesome craziness.

    ps- i think im in love with ellie, that chick is da ***

  • EA needs better servers, I have a working connection and I have barely gotten to play any multiplayer.

  • Some screenshots of the new Severed DLC. Still not much known what it'll be about but it's supposed to come out 'soon'.



  • The game does not disappoint.  In every aspect: awesome.  I beat the game twice on normal just to get a feel on which 4 weapons to use when I play on Zealot difficulty.  I'm also stashing up on med packs and ammo.

    There's no way I'm going to try this game on hard core.  Three saves for the whole game, and you can't do New Game+.  Insane!  I don't have enough time to try that.  The game is hard enough on normal.....harder than DS1.

    I accidentally found my way to PENG, so that was a great surprise and made me :)

    Happiness is: A Belt-Fed Weapon


  • PS - Ellie is hot.

    Happiness is: A Belt-Fed Weapon


  • Hey just wanted to let you guys know that I tried the chapter 14 infinite items storeroom glitch in storerooms in chapters 6 and 7 and it worked on those too.  It might work on all of them!


    mind over mana

  • Nice. I might use that for my later Hard Core runs. I just got to either chapter 5 or 6 on my first run and it isn't so bad.

    So I finally beat this last night. Easily going to be my game of the year. I honestly don't think any game will have me as excited and make me as happy as this one did. Foobs would agree with me, I think. Seriously, I can't remember the last time something made me this satisfied and content. The entire final section just had me laughing, it was so cool.

  • Second playthrough began/ ended today. Flipping love this game. It's very rare that I cram a game like that, definitely one of my favorite games in a long while. Great way to start off 2011! Infinite credits/ nodes glitch FTW!

    I'm iiLennon, incognito. My password got messed up, so here I am.  :)

  • Yeah, I know it's early in the year but it's going to really take something to knock this game out of my #1 spot.


    mind over mana

  • definitely goty material, but the only way i think its gonna get it is if mass effect 3 seriously disappoints or gets pushed to 2012. but dead space 2 will still hold a special place in my heart <3

    .... as runner-up

  • ME3 would have to be everything I've wanted in a Mass Effect game for it to rip Dead Space 2 off the top of my list. Those two series are easily two of my favorite franchises both this generation and in general. I just think that the third game was announced too soon and may come out before it needs to. But hey, I could be worrying about nothing so who knows.


    Anyway, I want some new DLC already. The new one that continues the story of Ignition and takes place at the same time as the Sprawl incident is cool, but I can't wait to see what else they do. I'm thinking a few chapters where you play as Ellie. Put her in a schoolgirl outfit and you would have my perfect woman just about.

  • ME3 and Skyrim (maybe Arkham City; i'm just a big fan of Batman) are the only games I see possibly having more fun with me this year. i really just loved every second of the game; for the record, zealot isn't that hard. did it in 5 hours on new game+.

  • I really wish I had come on here when the game came out. I completely forgot about this thread! Crap!

    Since I didn't say this before..Dead Space 2 is *** awesome. I still haven't gotten the guts to beat it on Zealot mode..I really need to get that done. Have any of you been playing lately?

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