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  • Before I continue, I must say that I find BF3 to be a great reprieve from COD.  Graphics, gameplay and everything else aside, BF3's pregame lobby frustrates me though.  The issue I have concerns not being able to quit in a reasonable manner, such as in between games or sessions.  

    Now I see why they might have not done this.  Perhaps to encourage people to play both sides of the map since some maps are favored towards one side or the other (modes like Rush where certain points are more easily defendable than others).  That's fine and all, a solution to that is to be able to quit after every other game, after both sides have been played.  

    Another reason might be to encourage team work.  If you are forced to be work alongside the same people, you might as well get along and try and win as a team rather than soloing it.  But then why are we able to quit/rage quit as soon as the game starts?  This type of quitting infuriates me the most.  I go into a game 12v12 only to find it is 6v6 or worse, stacked 10v7 or something.  I also hate doing this to other people, I hate being "That Guy."  

    If one of their reasons is to suck out as much time from us as possible (let's face it, capitalism at work), mightn't this simply turn some on the fence gamers off?  It isn't enough for me, but it's a nagging thing in the back of my head.  

    This certainly isn't by mistake, as this also was the case in Bad Company 2.  Not sure if anyone shares the same frustration as I do.