Six previously unreleased Atari VCS/2600 games that were developed by Jerry Lawson’s  company, Video Soft, are at last being released! The games were mentioned in press  releases from the early 1980s and were long thought to have been just one of the many  vaporware titles that never materialized. Not only do they exist in prototype form,  but all were far enough along in development to be playable, with half of them  considered to be complete!

Thanks to Jerry Lawson and the efforts of a few, dedicated Atari fans, the prototypes  were archived, new artwork was created, and cartridges were produced.  Each includes  both a box and manual, and production is limited to 100 numbered copies of each title.  Only 100 of each will ever be produced. This is the single-largest cache of unreleased  Atari VCS/2600 prototypes to ever be released at one time!

Orders are now shipping! See the Digital Press webpage below for more information: