The Creative Director of SOCOM's 1 and 2, David Sears, who left Zipper Interactive (Company that created SOCOM) while SOCOM 3 was in pre development, is now creating the "spiritual successor" to those first two SOCOM games called H Hour: World's Elite. As the spiritual successor to the original games, there are a lot of core elements that will be the same in H Hour. For example, lobbies will absolutely be making a return,along with 8v8 battles and many more. If you are a SOCOM fan, or just want to see a good tactical military shooter on the market, head on over to this kickstarter page:

I highly suggest taking the time to read through the entire thing. You can also check out the companies website and join the discussion on their forums ( ). Even check out the updates.

Update #13: "I am really happy to announce that the art director of SOCOM, Russ Phillips, will be teaming up with me and the rest of SOF Studios to make H-Hour: World’s Elite. Russ is not only a phenomenal art director, he’s a level design force to reckon with. He was the creator and principle owner of some of the most memorable maps in SOCOM." Some of those maps include Sandstorm, Fish Hook, Night Stalker, and Desert Glory.