WHY is it that Capcom won't release Monster Hunter Frontier in the west? I don't mean Tri or that PSP version either... I bought Tri, LOVED it and now I need more... more weapons, items, armor, monsters, EVERYTHING!!!

Everybody who's played the game says it's amazing, definitely the best game on the Wii anyway.  All the comments you will find are in praise of the game, and frustration with Capcom over them not giving us more...

"id learn japanese´╗┐ so i could play this..." - "well...guess i'm buying an xbox...´╗┐" - "One word can describe´╗┐ this game... EPIC!!!!!" - "... fu capcom. I think my heart died a little inside..." - "WTF? like anyone plays that ****!" OK maybe not every comment...

In the east (mainly Japan) they get a more robust version of game called MH Frontier for the PC with loads more stuff etc etc etc. Over there it rivals WOW (I think it's much better in a lot of ways tbh). That's probably another reason why they are worried about western release, too much competition from WOW.

They've released an XBOX version of MH Frontier which looks super duper sick, would buy an XBOX just to get that game... BUT we're not even sure if the XBOX version will make it over here as Capcom say they "can't announce if/when" MHF will even come to the west!!! However, head of R&D Keiji Inafune says "I feel Monster Hunter can definitely succeed overseas, there's a high possibility that MHF will kick-start that".

"Monster Hunter Frontier was chosen for Xbox 360 because of the strength of Xbox Live, and much of that strength is in the West. Considering Capcom has tried the PSP iteration of Monster Hunter in North America and Europe, I'd say that's a very good chance of us getting a taste of this game before too long." - Andria Sang (full article- www.destructoid.com/monster-hunter-frontier-could-leave-japan-162662.phtml)

It is known that another reason for the MH series crossing over to XBOX was to encourage the Japanese to buy an XBOX as opposed to a PS3 or Wii, the two dominant consoles in the east.  MHFrontier was released in Japan this week and boosted XBOX sales by 700%, selling 17000 consoles as opposed the previous week's sales of 2050 consoles... a good move by Microsoft. The strength of XBOX live as a reason for MH moving to the XBOX is underpinned by Microsoft simply trying to boost sales.



In 2008 Christian Svensson (Western Capcom Office) wrote:

"Suffice to say, this is not a “spend $750K localizing, $500K on cost of goods and $500K on marketing, ship it and you’re done” type of project the way many of you [MH fanboys] are making it out to be. It’s a multi-million, multi-year commitment to effectively launch a new business unit in the West. It would be the launching of service, not a product and we don’t intend to undertake any such venture in a haphazard fashion (the fallout would be legendary if we did)".

He goes on to say:

"does that mean Frontier isn’t coming Westward some day? No, it doesn’t..."

"We need to grow the Monster Hunter brand on other platforms in the West before there’s a proper audience for Frontier here. Our Western management group has been charged by the powers-that-be in Japan with growing the MH brand as a strategic initiative for the company."

"Please note, there are things in motion that I’m optimistic will allow for this to happen..."

"I am requesting your [MH fanboys] continued patience and commitment to MH." (full article- http://blog.capcom.com/archives/751)

That was in 2008, could the Monster Hunter Wii and PSP releases have been what Christian Svensson talked about when he wrote "grow the Monster Hunter brand on other platforms in the West"? I think so... and with the transition to XBOX (a largely western platform) now in 2011, I believe that we'll definitely be getting a taste of the real Monster Hunter experience in the west in the form of Frontier.


If you know anything about a western release, have an opinion or just wanna talk about the game then use this thread...

ps. sorry if the title got your hopes up ;P