Are you a passionate gamer with tons of energy? Can you carry on a conversation with a robot? Do you crave interactions with fellow gamers? Do you aspire to host game-related video content that engages gamers in a whole new way?

We’re an established network looking for a host for our upcoming show.  You will be compensated for your awesome contribution to our exciting project.

We’re looking for: 

·      An expert host: You know the ins and outs or working the camera, the material, the mic, and the questions.

·      A fountain of fearless energy: You can bring it in front of a crowd at the end of a 12-hour day.

·      A masterful moderator: Your next level listening skills and the ability to parse out the crucial points in a meandering conversation allow you to keep the discussion on track and the viewers engaged.

·      Adaptable: You can change direction without blinking an eye and take feedback while speaking on camera.

·      Positively collaborative:  You know that greatness can only be achieved by leveraging the talent around you, and you crave constructive feedback just as much as success.

·      A passionate PC gamer: You don’t just play a game; you live it. You research strategies online, you talk to other gamers about their experience, and you absolutely love improving your own skills.  You are at least familiar with the MOBA genre, but bonus points if you’ve logged numerous hours last hitting, sieging towers and learning how to counter your opponent.

·      A smart and savvy people person: You know when to ask the tough questions and when to throw a soft ball, and you are adept at reading between the lines.

·      Male or female, plays age 18-28.

·      A long-term relationship: You’re able to commit full-time to a year for this role.

Please respond email with headshot, resume, and any pertinent links.