Epic Weapons, the maker of officially licensed replicas of weapons, swords and collectibles, in partnership with Blizzard Entertainment, announces the release of the highly anticipated DoomHammer. The DoomHammer from World of Warcraft is a life-sized museum quality replica meticulously crafted in steel. It features a three-inch grip wrapped in genuine leather and contains 30 independent parts. It arrives assembled and ready for display.

Wielding DoomHammer – Thrall’s legendary weapon – is no longer relegated to fantasy. World of Warcraft players can now lay their hands on the real, physical DoomHammer, developed by Epic Weapons, the same company that forged the real world version of Frostmourne. 

Following the replica of Frostmourne, Blizzard Entertainment and Epic Weapons are unleashing the full fury of Warchief Thrall’s mighty DoomHammer upon the physical world.

The DoomHammer was first seen in all its glory in Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, when Thrall and Grom Hellscream battle the Pit Lord. When Thrall wields this symbol of the orc’s power, its one of the most iconic moments in the franchise fulfilling the prophecy:

Through blood the weapon shall pass, as surely as night begets day, until the elements cry unheard, and pride turns to unbridled rage. The last of the line shall deliver salvation and doom upon his kind. Honor will be undone and all will be lost, before it is found again. A stranger will raise the hammer high, and with it justice shall reign.

“The final result of the DoomHammer replica would make even the bravest of humans cry ‘zug zug!’ This thing is unbelievably heavy!” exclaims Nick Carpenter, Blizzard’s Executive Art Director.

"Epic Weapons maker of DoomHammer from World of Warcraft is excited to bring another one of Warcraft’s most hallowed icons to life,” said Ioanna Hawkins, President of Epic Weapons.