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Don't do us any more favors Square-Enix

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  • I've had many a discussion/ranting with a friend of mine about how Square-Enix has not lived up to the expectations that made them who they are in the past.  Obviously this is a matter of opinion, but I imagine I'm not the only fan who thinks this.

    I have been a fan of Square since the late 90's, starting with Final Fantasy VIII, playing VII & IX, ultimately playing every FF that came before (with the exception of II) and every one after (with the exception of MMO's).  I love the Kingdom Hearts series and most of their side games (FFTactics & Crono Trigger).  Square's efforts not only made me a avid RPG fan, but ultimately brought me from a kid who plays games to a gamer all by themselves.  And I am infuriated by the way they've treated us in recent years.

    I'll get right to the point: FFXIII sucks and where the hell is Kingdom Hearts 3? Hear me out. 

    I played through FFXIII hoping for the best.  Square drew me in initially (in late 90's) with fantastic characters and wonderfully fleshed out worlds where there is always more to learn about these characters and story.  FFXIII's pros in my opinion exist only in the battle system and visuals.  Just like most of their previous games, these aspects sucked me in and kept me interested for many hours.  However, once I got the hang of the battles and the visuals became standard to my eyes, I realized that the characters were very poorly developed.  Where was the growth? Why should I care for these people? Snow's major realization and the entire character arc happened within a five minute span AFTER I PLAYED AS HIM FOR OVER 20 HOURS where an arc SHOULD have existed! THIS from the creators of  Cecil, Terra, Cids and Auron! Are you kidding me? I loved being treated as an adult gamer as a kid, and now that I'm an adult, they think they can throw a chocobo in a man's hair and keep me interested for over 40 hours? Unacceptable. 

    This, coupled with the abysmal launch of FFXIV, along with the mediocre release of FFXIII-2 and Mr Juba's insinuation that a third FFXIII is on the way when we still haven't heard from the rest of Fabula Nova Crystallis, is inexcusable.  And yet these things still sell. Why reward a slap to the face?

    I don't mind spin-offs.  But make them worthwhile!

    Which brings me to Kingdom Hearts 3.  Granted, it was never announced.  But it is often asked for by the fans, and teased constantly with KH spinoff games.  Again, I don't mind spinoffs, but make them worthwhile! 365/2 Days was insulting! I personally loved Birth By Sleep, but I want more and want it on a console where it started!

    And the REMAKES. As much as remakes are scoffed at, I think they do a great job of updating classics for new audiences and make the aspects that aged poorly easier to stomach.  But really, how many remakes of FFI do we need?! Do a remake worthwhile! FFVI tops more "best" lists than the legendary FFVII and yet the most recent system I could play it on is the GameBoyAdvance. Also, FFVII and Crono Trigger with a complete rehaul: Yes they would be very expensive, but I feel more people would purchase these updated classics than if they put out another poor excuse for a core FF title. 

    And how about simultaneous international releases?

    Square ushered me into RPGs and gaming in general, and now I find myself more rewarded by NaughtyDog and Bioware who, by the way, don't release a game until its near guaranteed to top "Best of" lists (ignore Dragon Age 2). 

    I just feel betrayed by an entity I really believed in. My rant is done. Any thoughts?


  • Well, versus 13 is the game the KH team is working on, and it's been said that kh3 will be that team's next project, so have patience! [Versus 13 might just be awesome btw]

    Personally, I feel the same. I get the impresion Shironobu, who went off to form mistwalker studio, was the FF team's story guy, which might be why the story quality has slipped in recent years.

    It's a hard fix, it's generally a twist of luck that a talented story teller works in a game, it's still not something our industry puts a lot of stock in. Our best bet, is people stop buying ff13, it's the only way square is gonna get the message.

    Also, hope that Versus 13 is as disconnected as possible to the other ff13 games.

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  • Would it be remarkably stupid of me to ask for a FF game without cut away battles, and real time combat? Although I guess that would be stupid seeing how all you would be left with was a Japanese action game with heavy, who gives ashit, overtones.

  • My bad, I ment to say "with real time combat". Sorry for that, my trolling is a bit rusty lol.

  • @Thelizardman

    That would be ff12, that's when they went they went real time. No kiddin on rusty, are you living in 2003?

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  • Haha sometimes I think I can time travel, but the the shrooms ware off.

  • And you begin to studder?

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  • Ssssomettttimes

  • nice comeback

  • Romars is right, Shironobu as well as most of the team responsible for Chrono Trigger/Chrono Cross left after the Square-Enix merger and things went downhill from there. Hopefully they will wise up and either offer them their jobs back or hire some talent that is near what they lost.

    FF Versus does look promising which is what the KH team is currently developing but it doesn't look as good as Final Fantasy Type-0 would have been to play on my Vita. :-/

  • I know this thread old, but you definitely aren't the one feeling that way.  Kingdom Hearts 3 finally looks to be headed in our direction and FFXV looks like it could be the FF game that we have been waiting for.  IMO everything after FFX wasn't nearly the quality of games we were used/spoiled with.  The trailer for both games look awesome and I can't wait!

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