A great voice actor among many other things died today, apparently by suicide. The name may not be instantly familiar to you but here's just a little bit of what he's done:

Heihachi Mishima- in most Tekken games and even his soulcalibur appearance

Baloo- that lovable bear in The jungle book, btw, he's also Baloo in the recent Kingdom Hearts: Birth by sleep game

Bruce- the great white shark in Finding Nemo

Dim- the rhino beetle in A bug's life

Gilgamesh- yes, in Final Fantasy 12

Star Fox 64- General Pepper

Dragon Ball series- a LOT of characters

These are just a few of the many roles he's had not just in gaming but in the general entertainment business. Oh, and he was also the japanese Yosemite Sam. It's sad to think about what could've driven him to suicide. Rest in peace, Gouri-san, you will be missed.