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Xbox one, PC or PS4? Why? Minecraft.

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  • I would get the PC and PS4.  I have owned gaming PCs, Xbox and 360, PS2 and PS3 over the past 2 generations.  I think Sony's exclusives dominate Microsoft's throughout both companies' full history.  Live on 360 definitely functions better than PSN in my experience, but supposedly Sony is largely focusing on making functionality of PSN better on PS4.  Also, they really stepped it up with Plus.  You get so much great stuff, it will pay for itself several times even if you don't game that much.  Also, I know everyone keeps going on and on about this, but I really believe Microsoft is putting the needs of corporations above needs of consumers with certain aspects of Xbox1, and I am against it when it comes to gaming.  Without consumers these companies wouldn't be making any money at all, and we should not owe them anything additional once we buy a copy of the game.  There are reasons why every other generation prior to the 2nd half of this one did not have all the unethical practices that are now becoming the status quo in our favorite type of entertainment.  There are also reasons why previous generations released completed games that dev's and publishers were PROUD to have made and release, not TONS of unfinished, broken, namedropping moneygrab products.  The PC doesn't require much explanation.  The exclusives and graphic options make it worth doing alone.  Honestly, you would be pretty hard pressed to build a capable gaming PC for 500 bucks, so maybe get the Xbox1 instead if you won't be able to build a killer PC.

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  • Pretty sure if you want to run minecraft on a PC you could do so on an ancient dell. o:

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