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  • Up until Minecraft Xbox One Edition was announced  (later in this post to be mentioned as MXOE), I was really steering towards the PS4, with great games, supposedly lower price, argueably better exclusives, and more indie friendliness, and then MXOE had to show up ( I have heard rumors that MXOE won't transfer 360 saves). I have a summer job and was hoping to get a gaming PC (which i would most likely have to assemble, i don't know) or PS4 (it would go nice w/ my Vita) by trading in my Xbox 360 w/ kinect, two controllers, and three games (Portal 2 and Kinect Sports 1&2) and a summer's worth of payment. (the PC would most likely cost around $599.99 or $499.99). So any idea which one (or maaaaybe combination of the two) I should get?