There have been an abundance of articles and commentaries being made towards the newly renamed BlackBerry (used to be called Research in Motion) about their falling stock and market share throughout the last couple of years. Everyone is familiar with BlackBerry, its that phone that your always on-the-go corporate world buddy probably had. Many of these articles. such as "Research in Motion is dead. Long Live BlackBerry?" and "Dead Company Walking: 5 reasons BlackBerry 10 marks the end" seem to condemn BlackBerry to an inevitable doom but being the objective person that I am, I am forced to hold judgment until I see a little more. I have used a BlackBerry phone and I must say that they are very effective phones for basic and necessary uses. One could argue that they are even faster and more efficient that iPhones, I certainly would. Take a look at some of the reviews their phones receive from Tech RadarCNET and PC Mag. Impressive right? One thing that convinces me that BlackBerry will live, is the change in their company name. Yeah, it may seem insignificant but the complete change from RIM (Research in Motion) to BlackBerry indicates that BlackBerry's has a "I'm all in" or "All or Nothing"attitude towards its decaying influence. In my opinion , having this attitude is a good thing that bodes well for the struggling company because it means that they understand that they are under the water at the moment and that the situation must be handled and taken seriously. The first step towards solving a problem is recognizing and accepting it. This mentality has propelled BlackBerry to launch two new phones and BB10 that may very well be their "golden ticket" back into reclaiming its once tight grasp on the phone market. Ultimately, despite all of these aggressive moves by BlackBerry to capture consumers again, a here lies a challenging and difficult feat to overcome for BlackBerry. Can the company stray away from being stereotyped as "the business man's phone" and creep its way into being relabeled as "a high quality phone for the average consumer"? This dilemma is something that BlackBerry must transcend in order to become dominant again and be the phone that everyone wants and not the phone exclusively for corporate use. I have faith in BlackBerry and all these upcoming releases and updates to their phone lines certainly shows everyone that if they are going out, there not going out without a fight. Feel free to comment on this issue. What do you think will happen to BlackBerry?