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Android vs. Windows Phone?

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  • You could go on and on for days on this subject, but I will just stick to your question.  In terms of appstore I would say the Android app store is FAR superior.  In terms on ease of use and the things you use a lot being quickly accessible, intuitive etc.  The newest Windows phones are spectacular for this.  I love how you don't have to constantly run task killers and battery extender programs which you have to do on almost all power intensive NICE Android phones.  Another thing to bear in mind, is I would say in terms of actual phone selection, the phones that you can get that come with Android are much better than ones you can get that have Windows.  Seriously though they are both really good.  If you go Windows, just make sure you get a phone that either has or supports the newest version of Windows, as older mobile versions have issues.

    I have both, 1 for work and 1 for play.


    /EDIT; Also, as expected, if you depend on Outlook integration for work, they both do it, but Windows phone is waaay better at it.

  • I have a Windows phone and I like it a lot. That being said, the App Store is abysmal. I don't even have access to some of the most popular like Instegram, Yahoo fantasy sports... What I love about it though is the UI is great and the XBOX integration. I can easy check which friends are online and message them from my phone. Smartglass comes standard and I use it mostly for typing things in when needed on the 360. I really like how a lot of the games for the phone are XBOX Live games so they have achievements which count toward your overall score. Each game is only 200 points but most are easy to complete which helps your achievement percentage. I have the Lumia 822 for Verizon. The camera takes good photos and videos. I love the Kids corner also, my 21 month old loves to watch videos on it and I don't have to worry about her doing anything to my apps or buying something. I have had an Android phone before and I like my WP8 much much more. The reason the poor App Store does not bother me is because I also have an iPod and iPad which allows me to get any app on those.

  • galaxy s4 is pretty sweet too, look into it before you make a final decision

  • I have an iPhone and I love it to death. But if you are choosing between an android and a windows definitely an android. Windows phones have a lot of cons their pros only being camera quality and xbox integration. The android has a lot of nice features, and you get the best bang for your buck.

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