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  • Depends on your price range...

    LED is great for an overall TV Type. Make sure you are at least at a 780P or 1080P. No need to go WiFi APP enabled Smart TV.

    LCD is "Ok" But not all that impressive... Risking Mercury poisoning and impossible Fluorescent lighting replacements will be a waste of your time.

    Plasma's Are Great in dark lite rooms other than they got hot to the touch.

    Now price will be decided by the brand and size. Now I don't know how big you are expecting to go, So lets just throw in some 32 inch of all three of these TV's along with the prices. I will also Site them so you can check them out!

    32" LED TV by Samsung: tinyurl.com/SamsungLEDTV499

    32" LCD TV by Toshiba: tinyurl.com/ToshibaLCDTV

    42" Plasma TV by Panasonic: tinyurl.com/Panasonic42-plasma

    The Plasma is in 42" Because I couldn't find any 32" on a viable source. So, maybe you should just upgrade up to a 42". But the links provided will bring you to Best Buy and Sears. Along with the TV's and the specs. I hope this has helped!

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  • I disagree, I love my wifi app enabled tv. Heck it pretty much replaced my need for cable since it has hulu, netflix and amazon VOD to name a few. So personally speaking that should be a priority since those Cable bundles are really expensive and get more expensive when that one year deal ends.

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