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  • There has been a mini battle between web browsers these days and with all the new computers with different set ups and operating systems, it begs the question, which operating system is the best? A difficult question to answer, even more difficult to try to explain and understand the complex mumbo jumbo of each browser. As of now, the most widely used browser in the world is Google Chrome. This should not come as a surprise to anyone, as the majority of users usually just want a browser that provides speed over anything else. As for Internet Explorer, it still remains very popular but people are flocking away from it because of a list of ever growing bugs. Another very popular browser that has always been in a weird sort of 2nd place to everyone else is Firefox. Firefox is a great alternative for any of these browsers and gives the user good speed and reliability. Another rather unknown browser is Opera. Opera has not gained a lot of the market share not because it is not good but rather because it gets crushed in marketing by the other big name companies. I think that no browser is better than the rest but rather every browser has its strengths and weaknesses. It really depends on how you will use that browser which will achieve maximum browsing effectiveness for you, no doubt that it is very frustrating to have a browser crash on you every couple of minutes or have constant ads appear every moment. If your the average user, (mostly surfing, occasional downloading and frequently watch videos) I believe that the browser that will suit your needs best will be the one that is the best of all the worlds. I personally would recommend Google Chrome. Chrome's mix of speed and simplicity definitely catapult it over its competition. At the end of the day, everyone has a browsing experience preference, some people prefer security over speed, some prefer reliability over security. Everyone uses browsers for different reasons and every browser has a different capabilities. Internet Explorer is still the dominant browser but only due to the fact that it automatically comes included with a new computer purchase. Well, like anything else this debate usually comes down to the consumer and what they choose to download and purchase. Overall, this mini-battle between browsers is a good thing because the competition pushes everyone forward to try to make their browser the best. Which browser do you use? Which do you think is the best? Please feel free to comment.