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  • Omg I'm in the same situation :D My iPod Touch 4g 8gb is having serious wi-fi problems. I really liked it, having access to apple apps is (was) great, but I think that apple is seriously being left behind. Devices like Samsung Galaxy S3, Note, some HTC's etc. are the ones who left apple behind. I'm now considering the Galaxy Note, because it has not much deficiency when compared to S3, and it has bigger screen with the ability to use a pen. Definitely a winner IMO. As far as PS Vita goes, I'd really like one, but I say now's not the time to buy it, as both the number of games are very limited since it's still new, and it is not a possibility that its price rises, on the contrary, over time until all of those great games such as LBP for Vita (reasons to buy one) come out, I reckon the price will be lower, at least on some sites and pre-owned.