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Every good gamer knows his or her general media. There's such a big world of stuff to see, hear and read. This is a great place to strike up conversations on music, movies, books, comics, toys, gadgets or even the latest iPhone apps.

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    Considering all the injustice done to the series as a whole, it deserves a good videogame. Who would make it? Would it need a new system? Could it only work if you were jacked into the game? How complicated would it be? Would you only be able to use one element? What would the story be? How would the...
  • Forum Post: What's your favorite gaming playlist?

    We all play games here. But when you play online games, sometimes you like to listen to your favorite music too, so that you don't have to listen to some 10 year old nOOB screaming into your headset stuff about how he's better than everyone else. So, what do you like to listen to, whats in your...
  • Forum Post: Who Are Some Good, Yet Underrated/ Unheard of Musicians/ Bands?

    I pride myself on having a decent knowledge of Indie bands, but I'd like to know who some of your favorites are, so that I can expand my already-massive iTunes library. Any suggestions?
  • Forum Post: The Guild web series...

    Felicia Day is amazing and this web series is so great! Any other Guild fans on here?
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