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Breaking Bad Ending Possibilities ._.

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  • Ok so I know there are some BB heads out there whose been thinking about the way the last 8 episodes could go and I'm interested in people's ideas :D I love this show, it has a lot of good quality stuff in it and the way they left the latest episode it really gets me thinking. I think Walt's going to attempt to fight off etheir the Chicago guys or maybe even Hank and his cops :/ With that huge gun he got in the "future" clip in the opening scene he's bound to kill off a good amount of guys

  • I believe that in the last three episodes things are going to go badly. I'm almost postive that Hank won't make it out alive after the shootout in the last episode. Jesse might survive then again he might not. I believe that the "flash forward" of Walt and that gun is going to be involved in the killing of Tod and his uncles.

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