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Death Metal

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  • I started this so it wouldn't interfere with the main thread.

    Lately I have been listening to a lot of death metal and related genres. 

    Can anyone explain the difference between death metal and death core?

    I have heard that Job For A Cowboy, Suicide Silence, and Bring Me The Horizon are all death core, but not sure why.

    Is it the mix of black metal with death metal vocals or what?


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  • Deathcore and grindcore are embarrassments to metal.  Basically death/grindcore is a style of music that focuses on groove and texture over musical substance in the grand scheme of trying to out do Death Metal in terms brutality.  The end result is nothing less than embarassing.

    But to directly answer your question, Death Metal is(should) closely related to Thrash while death/grindcore takes influence from hardcore punk.

    Deathcore and black metal shouldn't even be in the same sentence.

    Here is an awesome death metal song (I also blogged about the song if interested):

  • Personally, I loathe most death metal. It's all very loud and thrash-y, which is good if I'm in a mood to break ***. So yeah. It's situational.

    OPETH, on the other hand, is probably my favorite band, pretty much ever. There is not a single song I don't like, and their stuff is just a perfect marriage of form and content. There's some seriously beautiful stuff. This is probably their best song:


    This one is heavier, but no less awesome:

    look upon me, I'll show you the life of the mind.

  • Redundant thread is redundant.

  • Personally I am not a huge Death Metal fan (with some notable exceptions), but I do like Opeth, despite the flack I get for it.

  • Why does everything have to have a sub genre now a days?

  • oops double post!

  • I have a personal favorite, I would have to say this band is going to be huge!

    Margin Of Error


  • Josh:

    Why does everything have to have a sub genre now a days?


    I will show you through example:

    Here is a Death Metal song (staying in the spirt of this thread):


    Here is a song that is metal, but is clearly not Death Metal:


    Do you see the difference?

  • I used to be really big on Death Metal, I tend to go through phases of it. I personally still enjoy lots of technical Death Metal, no gindcore or deathcore for that matter. Here are some songs I currently have been listening to.

    Gorod - Techinical Death Metal


    Martyr - Technical Thrash Death Metal


    Blotted Science - Instrumental Progressive Death Metal


    I think for my Next Album review I'm going to do that Blotted Science CD. That will be a blog in about a week.

    (For some reason HTML hasn't been working on this site, even though it shows the youtube video in my post before I post, So here some some links if the HTML fails yet again.)

  • Here is the unbiased difference:

    Death metal is focused on speed, blast beats, and growling, cookie-monster-esque vocals. Examples of pure death metal would be bands like Nile, Morbid Angel, or Cannibal Corpse. Death metal branches off into many sub-genres, including progressive death (opeth), technical death (necrophagist, obscura), and melodic death (black dahlia murder, arch enemy).

    Deathcore is a fusion of metalcore and death metal, which is easy to identify. In case you don't know, metalcore focuses more on melody, breakdowns, screaming vocals or singing vocals (obvious examples are Killswitch Engage, Shadows Fall, Trivium). Deathcore steals the breakdowns and some of the screams from metalcore while taking the cookie-monster growls, blast beats, and speed from death metal.

    To answer your question, Suicide Silence is pure deathcore but with an excess of high-pitched screams. BMTH was melodic/deathcore-ish on their first album, but have added more metalcore-ish elements on their latest album with not as many clear-cut breakdowns. JFAC's first demo, Doom, was almost technical-deathcore. On JFAC's newest albums, they totally lose the breakdowns (which are the essence of deathcore) and have a more traditional death metal sound.

    Some bands that display a good example of deathcore: Whitechapel, Molotov Solution, Carnifex, and Oceano. (Note how they will change from the speed of death metal one minute to off-beat breakdowns the next).

    To put it simply, Deathcore is all about the breakdowns. It puts grooves into deathmetal. New JFAC is wrongly labeled as "Deathcore", along with bands like Black Dahlia Murder (melodic death) and The Red Chord (grindcore).

    Hope this helps! If you listen to it enough, it is easy to tell the difference between the two.

  • But at the end of the day, Deathcore is garbage.

  • Lykathea Aflame. End of discussion.

  • Thank you meatface. You are amazing!

    Legions, why do you say grindcore is an embarrassment to metal?

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  • because its part of this trend to out do death metal by make it more br00tlez!!! I don't know, it just makes me mad hearing it.

    Also the music gets real old real fast, I just find it incredibly boring.


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