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Official Short Film Thread

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  • Just because it's a Short Film, doesn't mean it isn't good. So here are some good short films that are actually available on YouTube (I think).

    Alive in Jouberg

    I dunno if I spelled it correctly, but still, this is the short film made by Neil Blomkamp which is pretty much the base of his feature District 9. Although it is pretty much faux documentary style, almost the entire time, it's still a great watch and the message from District 9 is still apparent here.


    An awesome psychological short horror about strangers locked in an elevator with an unseen force threatening them. It's from the Canadian director who also did the cult hit Cube, for those who've actually heard of it.

    Post some more good short films, if you know of any.

  • Subservience,Angst-Cartoon,Vincent a Tim Burton short,I Met the Walrus,Matches War,Kiwi,are my favorites.enjoy.

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