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Top 10 movies of the year

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  • Anybody started working on a top 10 list yet?  I still need to see Lincoln and Amour, and of course The Hobbit and Django once those come out, but tentatively this is my list.

    1. The Master

    2. Cloud Atlas

    3. Argo

    4. Looper

    5. Ruby Sparks

    6. Moonrise Kingdom

    7. The Dark Knight Rises

    8. Skyfall

    9. The Cabin In The Woods

    10. Seven Psychopaths.

    I had Avengers in there at #10, but I had to cut it.  Such a great year for films, and there are still a ton I have yet to see.  Lets see those lists!

  • Sadly, not a top 10...

    However, I do have my favorite out of that list!

    Top 3

    1). the Avengers

    2). Dark Knight Rises

    3). The Cabin in The Woods

    "It's that we can't attack, defend, nor distract! At least.. We can see!" ~ Obby the Observer 

  • Leviathan

    Cabin In The Woods

    The Loved Ones


    Jiro Dreams Of Sushi

    I haven't seen too many movies this year. I mean besides the first two I don't feel all that strongly about the rest of em.

    lol what am i doing here


  • the man with the iron Fists was pretty good.

  • Wow.  I just realized how few movies I've actually seen this year.


    1.  The Dark Knight Rises  (I actually felt disappointed after seeing this film, so high were my expectations after The Dark Knight.  Then I watched it again.  In a year of great comic book films, this one makes the others actually look silly by comparison.)


    2.  Prometheus  (I can watch this film over and over again, just to see Michael Fassbender's David on the screen.  He's totally the hero of the film.)


    3.  The Amazing Spider-Man  (A reboot was exactly what this franchise needed.)


    4.  The Avengers  (Really just a superhero slugfest at heart, but it really knew how to give the fans what they wanted: costumed characters saying cool things and wrecking stuff.  And it was pretty fun to watch.)


    5.  Skyfall  (Quantum better come back in the sequels.  We haven't forgotten about them, so don't think you can just give us an awesome updated Blofeld next time around.  Unless he's behind Quantum, in which case all is forgiven.)


    Films I've not yet seen, but will probably make the list when I do:


    Cloud Atlas (Reading the novel right now and loving it.  The movie never came to my town.)

    Wreck it Ralph

    The Cabin in the Woods

    Life of Pi (You had me at the CGI tiger.)

    The Master (Was gone from the theater where I live before I could see it.)


    Films that are about to come out, and I hope will make the list:


    The Hobbit

    Django Unchained

  • It all depends on the genre you enjoy the most.

    Superhero: The Avengers

    Action: Skyfall

    Historical: Lincoln

    Children: Rise of The Guardians

    Adult: Ted

    Overall, there wasn't too much variety in the movies this year. It was mostly superhero; with spiderman, batman, and the avengers. This is just my opinion though and I could not see everything.

  • Not top ten but...:

    1. The Hobbit

    2. The Avengers

    3. WiR


  • OH and Spiderman. That was great.


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  • 1. The Hobbit

    2. A Man on a Ledge

    3. The Bourne Legacy

    4. The Dark Knight Rises

    5. Lincoln

    6. Les Miserables

    7. Act of Valor

    8. Skyfall

    9. Chronicle

    10. Men In Black 3

    Some of those might have come out earlier! I'm not to sure about Men In Black, Chronicle, and Act of Valor. I think they may have been late 2011 movies. Correct me if I'm wrong!


  • This is 40


    Red Dawn


    A Man on a Ledge

    Men In Black 3


    Rise of the guardians

    The Bourne Legacy

    The Dark Knight Rises

  • The Dark Knight Rises

    The Hunger Games


    The Avengers


    The Bourne Legacy


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