If you have friends who watch Anime or are in the Anime Community you've probably heard about an anime called Attack On Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin). This show has steadily run through the ranks, being proclaimed by many as "The Best Anime ever" ,but is It really worth it? Without giving spoilers, Here are the Pro's and Con's of the Show.

Background Plot: 100 years ago, mankind came under the threat of Titans, large monsters with human features. The Titans devoured humans and mankind almost went extinct. Huge Walls were made to protect the remaining humans from extinction. 


Suspense: Attack On Titan features very many suspenseful moments, whether it may be a matter of death or a new revelation in the story. Many of them are at the end of the episode prompting you to watch more.

Side Characters: Attack On Titan features pretty swell character development on some characters. Many of the Characters are generally like-able with the exception of a few.  The cast characters are in abundance and if you dislike one or more characters there are plenty more to focus on.

Action: The action is very fast, swift, gritty, bloody, fun. Mostly comprised of sword battling with giant monsters and sometimes gun shooting. The action is visually appalling to look at.

The Villains, The Titans: The Titans are very compelling villains. Their human like expressions make them appear menacing as all hell. They are also very very large.They possess regenerative abilities, growing back their heads if cut or blown off. The worst part of these Titans is they don't eat to survive,they don't even eat animals only humans. We aren't their prey, We're their game

The Season 1 Theme song: The Season One theme is very catchy and rememberable. It's always a treat to watch the opening


Boring Episodes: Some episodes are superbly well done, while others are boring and full of exposition. One episode is the three main characters talking while guns are being pointed at them. After amazing Action episodes you may usually encounter very long drawn-out talking scenes.

Main Character: The motivation of the main characters are extremely simple. Ehren wants to kill Titans because his mom was killed, which is a good reason to go after the Titans. But the other characters, Armin and Mikasa, have no motivation for joining Ehren except the reason they are friends.

Titan Mentality: When the main characters aren't around the Titans get exceedingly smarter and manage to kill pointless characters with ease. When main characters encounter Titans, they are increasingly dumber and slower compared to others.

THE SECOND SEASON THEME: This may be a minor complaint but this new theme song is bland and not very entertaining


It's a great show but it does have it's flaws. You will enjoy it if you are an action; if not the characters and suspense will draw you in

Verdict: Watch it