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Will You Miss Guitar Hero?

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  • Will You Miss Guitar Hero?

    • Yes, I've been a loyal Guitar Hero fan since the beginning (1.8%)
    • Yeah, I've enjoyed that series quite a bit (18.1%)
    • Meh, I don't really care (36.9%)
    • No, I never liked Guitar Hero (2.8%)
    • No, I'm a die hard Rock Band enthusiast (11.8%)
    • No, I just don't care about music games (28.6%)
    • Total Votes: 507
  • This poll needs a better ambivalent option than "meh"- I used to love it, then was over it- that doesn't mean I'm not sorry to see another dev close shop under Activision's watch.

    Also, you're lacking a "No/Yes, but I'm sad to see DJ Hero go..." which is the option which most describes my particular feelings about the recent news. Hopefully we'll still see some DLC for DJH2- but I imagine there won't be anything beyond whatever has already been planned/recorded for DLC.



  • I didn't at first, but now that I've had time to reflect I think of all the good times I had with the first three games.

    It's a shame though, an Activision-owned studio trying too hard to mimic the original creator.  I never fell for Rock Band or the band system.  I would have been happy just shredding.

  • Loved one and 2, thought DJ Hero was great. But all in all, Harmonix just did a better job with Rock Band in general. I'm sure that if they were not pushed to their limits by Activision, they could have really done some cool things. We started to see that with Warriors of Rock, where they brought a truly unique experience, but I guess people were not ready for that. Heres hoping that Harmonix keeps up the good work, seeing as they are the only ones left with good music games out there now.

  • R.I.P. Guitar Hero, the greatest music game to ever be developed :(

  • naw, it had a good run through, they could've made a million more, but it would just be the same thing over and over.  I can just go back and play the other ones

  • It was a new technology fad. It should be utilized as a musical instrument trainer now. Games come and go... It was fun, but like everything people get bored of the same old thing. Eventually Kinect will fade too. I play games to relax.. if I want to ride a bike or go golfing I will... gaming should be all thumbs, I hope that always stays the standard. If jumping around your house is what your into then thats your gamer style....cuz we all got our own styles right!! Im ok with guitar hero being gone, it wasnt my style though.

  • It always seemed fun but i've never owned it and its not really my type of game so i guess i dont really care

  • I'll miss Guitar Hero so much... It was way better then Rock Band.

  • no, to much work to set it up and them the stuff would not work al the tim, i thing the guitar and rock band have jumped the shark.

  • Guitar hero was great when it came out, It was the perfect time to release a music genre hit, it went off with a bang. But after that it kind of just got old to me.. The songs got Repetitive, the lag got WORSE over time.. and it just felt old. I absolutely love rock band though, it still feels fresh and fun in my opinion, & even more so when you are playing a 60-song playlist with three friends.(which guitar hero took a while to catch on to)

  • Are you serious Guitar Hero and all the band crap is for SH*T, play a real game

  • It's sad to see another company go but this is progress. However I think that the closing may be due to Guitar Hero Warriors Of Rock horrible sales. I've been a fan of the music genre or gaming for along time and I did a good job keeping up with it until Guitar Hero 3. Maybe if Guitar hero didn't release so many games a year they could still be around. They should have anounced a new guitar hero then released it a few monthes later as a big event unlike how with the last few they just released one with hardly any heads up and very little good advertisement, then had another one set up to release almost right after with even less advertisement. At least we still have Rock Band...

  • This is frustrating to me, and I'm not even directly involved.  I'm not a big Guitar / DJ Hero fan, but it's a *** shame to see yet another developer shut its doors.  I guess anything that doesn't sell an absurd number of copies (Call of Duty) isn't worth keeping around.  Soon Activision will be putting out literally nothing but CoD titles.  I feel like their expectations for the sales of every one of their titles have become unrealistically high.

  • I miss the fun I had with it when it came out... definitely a big time waster back in the day but now I'd rather play RB

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