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  • If they can pull if off properly then no. The issue is going to be making it good enough quality that people will want to spend the extra money to buy it. They are already making 3D TV's (LG being one of them) but if it isn't done well then I feel the whole thing will be a waste of money. If you look at the Wii, it was a great idea at first, but now as time goes on, and the PS3 and 360 are releasing there own motion technology, I feel the attention to the new technology released by Sony and Microsoft are going to leave Nintendo in the dust with their Wii. I feel this will be the same thing, they are going to be the first to take this revolutionary step, but who says that people are going to invest in it, and if it does, then Sony will probably release their own, probably better polished, and more well planned version of this technology with their PSP. Sometimes being the first is not always the best, and Nintendo is about to learn that with not only the Wii, but i fell with their new 3DS.