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Is it too soon for a the 3DS?

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  • Is it too soon for a new DS?

    • No, 3D justifies a new DS. (20.8%)
    • Meh, this is just how Nintendo does it... (51.7%)
    • Yes, give the DSi XL some breathing room! (27.5%)
    • Total Votes: 236
  • probably. the dsi xl is still just a few months old. there have been like a hundred new ds models i like 3 years, and i cant tell which from which. I still got and old ds light, because i know that when i go to get a brand  new ds model the day it comes out, and when i get home there's an ad for another new ds five minutes after i turn on the t.v. more ds is better, but it is a little ....... confusing with so many new ds model coming out in one year. why don't they just wait a while, get all these inprovements, and make a new ds with everything on ther instead of 20 diferent ds models with different thing on them.

  • It is way too soon.

  • I think they went to far with the DSi. pictures maybe,  but internet connectivity, no. i think nintendo should just stick with  what they know. leave all that fancy stuff for sony and microsoft. they need to slow wayyyy down

  • A little fast there,I still haven't gotten the first DSi.

  • Calm down there Nintendo. 3-D is going to be another fad just like it was in the 80's. Your gonna lose a lot of money. We are in a recession. People do not want to buy more if they don't have to.

  • This is just how nintendo duz things, and I wouldn't be suprised if the over sized over priced DSi XL only sells about 2 copies.

    Also I'm willing 2 bet paper mario will b on the 3ds

  • Bah, me and my sister were talking about that:

    Sister: Hey, our cosin got the new DS

    Me: DS XL

    Sister:...No DSi....one of the newer ones

    Me: DS XL and i is the same except XL is bigger and newer. They're coming out with a newer one soon as well..



    .....Sooooo yeah o_o;;;;

    Coffee makes my world go round and round till I get dizzy and fall off-Me~

  • Yeah its too soon. But I really dont care

  • I think Nintendo is getting way ahead of themselves. They should leave all the fancy stuff to Microsoft and Sony. They should focus on producing better quality games for the Wii.

  • I think this is the perfect time for something NEW.  DS has been around for too long.  They have made minor adjustments to the overall look of the product, but when you strip it down its still just a DS.  They are playing with the DS like they did the gameboy with 100 different variations and styles.  I don't own a DSi and I'm not getting a DSXLi.  I would still have my original DS "Clunker" but one of the hinges broke and wouldn't hold up the screen so I had to get a new one and opted for the lite.  And as much as online downloads is great I'd rather go to the store to get a game than buy wii points or whatever they are calling them now.  I feel like its just time to move on to bigger and better thinks. And as for 3D...I'm kind of sick of the 3D craze that has it the entertainment business...I kind of want to give it a 3D middle finger...but ever since NES I have more or less trusted Nintendo with their great decisions(less the Powerglove and VirtualBoy), if they are planningon doing 3D without glasses...then yes please...if its anything like speculation has it...it will be like looking into a new world(and if it works Sony and Microsoft will follow).  So I am excited for this--and if while I am playing metroid 3DS looking all around and spinning in circles while waiting for the Metrorail...more power to me...People will wish they were doing what I was doing.  

    And as for people saying that Nintendo getting ahead of itself.  Hello!!!! thats what Nintendo does all the time.  Yeah they may lack in one area--graphic quality..but Hell they are trailblazers...Microsoft/Sony are good at focusing on one area...but Nintendo is leading the future of gaming.  (Project Natal-Playstation Move)--The first attempt at something is not always the best...but they were the first to do it and that holds a lot of weight.

    PS.  Its not Nintendos fault that a majority of 3rd party games suck...Nintendos platform games are generally pretty incredible...the 3rd party publishers just need to sit down for more than a minute to really think about the mechanics available for the wii...as a dedicated nintendo fan im sick of all this hand shaking crap...red steel 2 finally did something worthwhile with it..but we just need to take that to the next level and put some story to it.

    So all in all..its is the right time...

  • way too sooon :'(

  • I agree with the too soons. It almost makes no sense to even have a new DS because its already absolete by the time you buy the "newest" one out. As a matter a fact the term new shouldnt be used for how rapidly these things are coming out. We should be like:

    Me: Hey bro, you hear about the nold DS?

    Bro: What the hell is a nold?

    Me: New and old put together. You now a newer DS is coming soon so this one is new and old

    Bro: True, but your new word is freaking retarded

    Me: *tear*

  • If they can pull if off properly then no. The issue is going to be making it good enough quality that people will want to spend the extra money to buy it. They are already making 3D TV's (LG being one of them) but if it isn't done well then I feel the whole thing will be a waste of money. If you look at the Wii, it was a great idea at first, but now as time goes on, and the PS3 and 360 are releasing there own motion technology, I feel the attention to the new technology released by Sony and Microsoft are going to leave Nintendo in the dust with their Wii. I feel this will be the same thing, they are going to be the first to take this revolutionary step, but who says that people are going to invest in it, and if it does, then Sony will probably release their own, probably better polished, and more well planned version of this technology with their PSP. Sometimes being the first is not always the best, and Nintendo is about to learn that with not only the Wii, but i fell with their new 3DS.

  • eh i feel it's way too soon. -shrugs-

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